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Binge on The Brood's hilarious new video for "Munchies"

"I had a stack of ones because I'm rich, because I'm on TV."

If you watch (or hate-watch) internet chef shows, you're going to want to check out the latest from Halifax's psychedelic sweethearts, The Brood.

Yesterday the band released a new video for the jaunty track "Munchies" and it's a cooked to perfection parody of Vice/MUNCHIES series Chef's Night Out, which follows Extremely Important international chefs as they eat and drink their way through their favourite restaurants and bars. (And, like most foodie shows, highlights the cult of personality that the restaurant scene is ripe with.)

"It's like you're the poet of food and God is your ingredients," slurs turbo douche/fictional restauranteur Marky Lake (played by local funnyperson Paul Doucette) as he tours members of The Brood through Halifax hotspots like Fiesta Bowl, Bier Kraft and Coup de Gras (all various angles of The Local and The Seahorse).

Instead of getting butthurt, the real MUNCHIES premiered the video and chatted with bandleader Seamus Erskine about how the band's binge-watching of Chef's Night Out inspired the song.

Check out "Munchies", directed by Jeff Miller, below.

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