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Bestill my Paper Hearts

Halifax Paper Hearts pops up for Valentine's at The Nook

Stefanie MacDonald is all about romance. She’s the artist behind Halifax Paper Hearts greeting cards, a pusher of letter-writing and a believer in fairy tales. Well, some of them.

“There is something that doesn’t sit well with me about the way that fairy tales have always been told,” she says. “Boy meets girl, boy saves girl, they fall in love and they live happy ever after. But what about the little boys that fall in love with prince charming? What about the little girls that have a crush on a mermaid? What happens to them?”

It’s this sentiment that inspired her inclusive line of sentimental designs, which celebrate love and happily ever afters of all kinds. Just in time for Valentine’s Day and all your winter pen-palling, The Nook (2118 Gottingen Street) will host Halifax Paper Hearts’ Valentine’s Pop-Up Show, showcasing its prints for the entire month of February. The event launch takes place Tuesday, February 2 from 7:30-9pm.

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