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The certified organic Bruce Family Farm (, 902-665-2119) near Bridgetown, NS is offering a Beef CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture program. It’s a subscription service for organic beef direct from the supplier. You can purchase a monthly supply, 10lbs of organic beef from the farm for $55, which typically includes 4lbs of lean ground organic beef, 1lb clear organic stew meat, 1lb boneless organic steak and 4lbs organic roast. The catch is Danny Bruce doesn’t deliver to Halifax. Yet.

“We started in October, but we don’t go to the [Halifax Farmers’] market regularly in the winter,” he says. He’s been in touch with The Grainery on Agricola Street about potentially using their location as a drop-off point, and he has a friend that could do the delivery, but in order to make a regular trip to town worth his while what he really needs is subscribers. “It would take 20 people to use up an animal,” he says, understanding that in the city---unlike the country where folks have deep freezes and can buy cuts of meat in bulk---lots of people here don’t have the space to store the beef, but 20 subscribers would make a regular run a strong possibility.

He adds, “There would be opportunity for people to buy higher-priced cuts. We’re trying to come up with things that would be appealing to people.” The best way to reach Bruce to express an interest in subscribing is by phone.
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