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Beale’s Sale

Peggys Cove Baliwick launches annual event

It’s November, but we at Shoptalk believe that there’s no reason in the world to begin discussing the “C” word. You know, the event that happens for many folks at the end of December, quaintly euphemized in our politically correct times as The Holidays. Our policy is to ignore such things until at least a month out, to grumble vocally when cheery “seasonal” jingles ring through speakers at local merchants’ stores at the beginning of November.

All this said, we will dutifully and steadfastly report when folks start to lower prices in anticipation of these rituals, and the first through the gate is Beale’s Baliwick (126 Peggys Point Road, Peggys Cove, 823-2099) with a 30-50 percent off sale, offering well-known Canadian outerwear including Rigor Exploits, Linda Lundstrom, Epsilon, Arseno and Parkhurst. You’ll also find Basic Spirit Pewter, Hoselton Aluminum Sculptures and jewellery lines including Crono Design and Bejewel.

(OK. Christmas. There. We said it.)
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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

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