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Reportedly, Torontonian Lou Reznick has purchased the two Barrington Street buildings that until last year housed Sam the Record Man, adding to his other holdings on the street: the Roy Building (the former Dooly's), 1556 (Attica), 1668 (just to the north of the Granite Brewery) and 1717 (Peepshow Girly Boutique). Since he is the dominant player on the street, no longer a mere landlord, Reznick has obligations to the street, to the city and to the public. He's done well by his buildings---he's saved historic structures that would otherwise likely have been razed and he maintains them in good repair. But Reznick seems reluctant to take chances with potential smaller retail renters and the street has taken on ghost-town appearances as a result. And now that he, and pretty much he alone, determines what happens on Barrington Street, Reznick has to give up his reticent ways and begin talking to the public. Our reporters tried in vain to talk with him for our recent Barrington Street feature, which does nothing to ease fears among Haligonians that the street is lost. His silence is helping no one.

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