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Au revoir Deux fm, say hello to MAKENEW

Designer Anna Gilkerson launches her curated vintage line, this Friday night.

Eco-fashion designer Anna Gilkerson may be winding down her label Deux fm (at least for now), but she’s not done dressing Halifax. MAKENEW is a curated bi-monthly vintage collection, loving pulled together by Gilkerson, who’s sorted through the bins to find true vintage and special, quality pieces that are in great condition and union-made, meaning they were constructed in North America.

Like Deux fm, the collection is classic, not flashy—-this time around, look for soft grey tweeds and creamy lace, ready for a walk through the moor or a leisurely late brunch. Gilkerson, who worked for five summers at a Mahone Bay vintage shop, doesn’t generally alter the clothing—-the less she touches it, the cheaper she can sell it for—-but has updated a trad trench by cutting off its sleeves, turning it into a chic overcoat or dress, perfect for layering.

When Gilkerson ran Deux fm, she was in charge of all aspects of the “business, the artistic side and development.” After four years as a label she was breaking even, but to move to the next stage, profit-wise, would have meant a huge time and financial investment, not to mention the risk. The new mom—-of an active toddler named Elly—-says she would have done it, but “I chose my personal life over business.”

Preview the collection or buy online at (also check out Gilkerson’s gorgeous collage inspiration and styling), then head to Love, Me Boutique, Friday from 5-8pm for MAKENEW’s first pop-up shop.

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