Alex and Julie | Shoptalk | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Well everybody, I did it. I tried the oval. I was expecting a smooth, carefree skate around and around on a beautiful winter’s eve. I was terrified! Poor Meeks—I was practically HANGING off her the whole time. My feet were on fire after one lap around, all these kids and shadows were just ZOOMING past me and when my friend Peter came to help me, we were quickly asked and reminded to stay in the slow lane. OOPS. What did I expect? I haven’t laced up a pair of skates for 15 years. Overall, it was a beautiful night—I just gotta get the ol’ ankle strength up and learn to stay upright without holding on to someone. So, if you ask me to join you for a couple of laps around the oval, I’ll do it, but consider yourself warned!

Here are Alex and Julie, the most fashionable pair to ever grace the ice. Julie made me want to run the ten blocks home and grab my denim jacket. How could I forget it?

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