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AGNS sculptures hit by vandals

This is not the way I like to start the day. According to a press release sent this morning, vandals damaged two sculptures in the gallery's Ondaatje Court. "Vandals were able to move Greg Forrest's Molecule sculpture and use it to hit John Greer's Origins sculpture."--two of our province's best artists--"Molecule measures more than 5 meters in length and has been in the courtyard since the summer of 2006. The damage is being assessed by the Gallery's Senior Conservator Laurie Hamilton and a better understanding is expected next week." I'd like to make a bronze cast of my fist right now, which I would also use to knock some sense into the kids who decided it was a good idea to throw rocks through the front windows of about six houses on my street two weeks ago (there's a newborn in one of them, assholes). Of course I'm not suggesting violence is the right way to handle vandalism, but these sorts of deliberate, malicious acts are very upsetting to a lot of people. (Image of Sobey Award nominee Greg Forrest's Drum Kit, 2002)

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