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A true East Coaster

At Inkwell, salt water is the not-so-secret ingredient to awesomeness

A true East Coaster
Salt and paper

If that frosty beverage you’re clutching ever-so-tightly is royalty, this Inkwell Handmade Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress (1658 Market Street. 405-8309) is a suitable throne. What began as a funny made by Inkwell’s Andrea Rahal—who, with word play in mind, joked about printing East in large letters on a coaster—turned out to be the spark that lead to The Official East Coaster (six for $12). She went back to the drawing table to recreate the design, going as far to mix salt water—straight from the Atlantic Ocean—into the ink before it was pressed onto each coaster, giving it that “official” status. Get a peek at the process at by watching Inkwell's killer promo short here.

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