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A Piece of Cake opens shop in Dartmouth

Yvonne Bartrand opens A Piece of Cake opens in Dartmouth, modeled after Magnolia Bakery in New York

Almost 4 weeks ago, Yvonne Bartrand took the leap with her wholesale bakery business, opening A Piece of Cake bake shop (723 Main, 406-3440) in Dartmouth. “It’s fantastic,” she says, raving about the new operation, which is modeled after the Magnolia Bakery in New York, a place to get cupcakes and treats. “We cater to the sweet tooth,” she says, offering cookies and cinnamon rolls, but no bread. A Piece of Cake will cater your birthday parties or event, including summer camp stuff, and has fair trade organic coffee and teas. In Halifax, look for A Piece of Cake delights at Coburg Coffee (6085 Coburg, 429-2326) or The Daily Grind (5686 Spring Garden, 429-6397).
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