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Map of COVID-19 cases reported in Nova Scotia as of April 1, 2021. Legend here. THE COAST

3 cases of that foolish disease Thursday, April 1

Nova Scotia’s official COVID-19 numbers.

This is the second April Fool's Day of the pandemic, and it's still #toosoon for any wannabe hilarity. Top doc Robert Strang could prank us by tweeting that a new deadly variant was loose in Nova Scotia, or that the vaccine program was suddenly open to people of any age—so ridiculous 🤣—but when creating mass hysteria comes too easy, it probably loses its fun. Instead, both the disease and the province are playing it straight today.

Nova Scotia has three new COVID-19 infections, according to the April 1 daily report. Only two people recovered since the last report, so the number of active cases in the province increased by one to 24, and one of those patients has symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization.

Two of the new cases are in the Central health zone; one's connected to travel, the other to a previous case. The third case is in the Western zone, and it's travel-related.

Province labs dealt with 4,240 local tests yesterday, much more than the current daily average, which is just over 3,000 tests. And clinics around the province delivered 5,791 doses of vaccine yesterday, which is also well about the average rate of just below 4,500 daily doses.

Because tomorrow's a holiday for Easter Friday, the regular Friday C19 briefing with Strankin was bumped up to today. At the briefing, Strang really did open the vaccination program early, but only for people between the ages of 70 and 74, and only a few days early. Not an Easter miracle, not an April Fool, just a welcome bit of progress in our surreal reality.

Where Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 cases are on Thursday, April 1

Western zone totals 1 new 0 closed 3 active
Yarmouth - - -
Lunenburg 1 - 2
Wolfville - - 1
Central zone totals 2 new 2 closed 19 active
West Hants - - -
Halifax 2 - 10
Dartmouth - 1 4
Bedford - 1 2
Eastern Shore - - -
Northern zone totals 0 new 0 closed 1 active
Truro - - 1
Amherst - - -
Pictou - - -
Eastern zone totals 0 new 0 closed 1 active
Antigonish - - -
Inverness - - 1
Sydney - - -

TABLE NOTES The totals for the health zones (Northern, Eastern, Western, Central) may be different than the totals you'd get by adding up the numbers in the Community Health Networks that make up each zone, because the province doesn't track all cases at the community network level. The zone totals reflect every case in the area; the community network numbers only show cases that can be localized to a region inside the bigger area. The names of the community networks here have been adapted/shortened for simplicity (click to download the province's PDF map with the exhaustively complete network names). All data comes from the Nova Scotia COVID-19 data page. We use a dash (-) instead of a zero (0) where applicable in the health network numbers to make the table easier to read.

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