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Who is Halifax’s biggest Boston Bruins fan?

Two Halifax city councillors call themselves serious Bruins fans.

left: Darren Fisher, right: David Hendsbee

Since Boston took the Stanley Cup in June, and this week is the long-awaited exhibition game against Montreal in Halifax, it’s time to find out whether David Hendsbee or Darren Fisher takes the prize. We’re impressed with Hendsbee’s wardrobe, but it’s hard not to be impressed that Fisher named his son Bruen in honour of the squad, so we’ll leave it up to you. Read the evidence and make the call on the ice.

Darren Fisher - District 6, East Dartmouth-The Lakes

When did you first become a fan?

I never was not a fan. There hasn't been a day in my life when I wasn't a fan. Same with my son, whose been watching games with me from his little baby carrier.

Who's your favourite player on the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins?

My favourite player this year was Milan Lucic. I wore my Lucic jersey for 25 games straight during the playoffs. That was part of my ritual: come home from work, put the Lucic jersey on, the Bruins baseball cap, sit in the recliner and watch the game.

What's your favourite Bruin memory?

When I went to the All-Star Game in '96, we went to check out the new arena, we saw Bobby Orr being interviewed by Fox TV. We made our way down to the ice surface. We asked if he could pose for a picture with us. [My brother and I] were exhausted and unshaven and unkempt. The Fox guys said no, and Bobby said, "I've got lots of time for pictures, come on over boys." It's one of those things when you meet your heroes you don't want to be let down. He certainly didn't let us down. He thrilled us. I invited Bobby Orr to my wedding. He didn't go, but he did send the invitation back, autographed saying "Best wishes," along with two glossy eight-by-10s.

How many games have you attended?

Before having children I used to go to a dozen games a year. I'd drive down on a Thursday night, take Friday off work and try and see a couple games, do that with my brother. But it all changes when kids are born.

Did you go to the victory parade in Boston?

I didn't. I had too much on. It's a shame I didn't.

Any other claims to being the best Boston Bruins fan?

Sometimes Bruen mockingly tries to rebel. He jokes that if he gets drafted he's playing for Montreal. He just told me in the last couple of weeks he might get a Winnipeg Jets jersey. I'm fine with that, anything but Montreal. He sat up and watched all the NHL games with me. Because of his name, everybody we know always gets him Boston Bruins stuff, David Hendsbee especially. I might be the biggest Boston Bruins fan, but he's certainly the craziest---and Bill Estabrooks would be the same.

David Hendsbee - District 3, Preston-Lawrencetown-Chezzetcook When did you first become a fan?

I started when I was nine years old. I was born in Oshawa, Ontario. Bobby Orr played for the Oshawa Generals in the early '60s. I moved to Nova Scotia in 1969 with the family and carried my allegiance. And that's when the Bruins won the cup in 1970 and '72. I was in my glory at 12 years old, but it's been 39 years since then.

Who's your favourite player on the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins?

This year I really like Marchand. He played with a lot of spunk. But I do like Thomas, Krejci and Seidenberg, some of the defensemen in the back I like watching. Chara is a constant.

What's your favourite Bruin memory?

Come on---1970, Bobby Orr flying through the air! And anytime we beat Montreal in the playoffs is a favourite memory.

How many games have you attended?

Last year when I turned 50, my wife took me down to Boston for two games on either side of my birthday. I've been to a few games over the years. I'll see if I can sweet-talk the wife into going down for the game opener and the raising of the banner. Trying to get a ticket---October 6 against the Philadelphia Flyers---it's going to be pricey to get one.

Did you go to the victory parade in Boston?

I told my wife and friends, if the Bruins win the cup I'm going to the parade. I stayed true to my word. I had a feeling this year they were going to do very well, so I had five Stanley Cups on my jacket, I put a sixth one on this year. When they won I had 2011 embroidered on there real quick. People down there stopped me in the street to take pictures of my coat.

Any other claims to being the best Boston Bruins fan?

In my basement, I call it the Bear Den, I have about 30 Boston Bruin pennants. My wife thinks I'm a little fanatic about that. I've got Boston Bruins ties, shirts, ball caps and golf shirts.

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