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Expert advice: Three forgiving house plants

Simple to care for, easy to keep alive greenery guaranteed to brighten your space.

For me, no room is completed until it has some houseplants. Plants breathe life into any space and instantly make a new place feel like home. But they’re so much more than a decoration. They are living, growing beings that we take into our homes and when cared for properly, we get to reap the rewards of feeling happier and breathing cleaner air.

Plant shopping can be difficult because there are so many options. For seasoned plant fanatics, the variety is a welcomed sight but for beginners, it can be quite daunting. Here are three easy to care for plants to start your collecting.

1. Snake plants
Variously known as a sansevieria, snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, rest assured that whatever you decide to call this plant, it will be easy to maintain. They’re native to the desert which makes them drought-tolerant, so if you’re someone who forgets to water plants often, sanservias are for you! And though they naturally exist in the desert, snake plants can also live in low-light environments too, they just don’t grow nearly as fast. Do make sure not to over-water this plant because their leaves will turn mushy.

2. ZZ plants
It’s easy peasy, growing ZZs! The ZZ plant gets its name from its tongue-twister scientific name, the zamioculcas zamiifolia, which is native throughout Africa. This variety puts off deep green, waxy leaves and grows at a moderate rate. It requires little water and very little light. There is no such this as an “un-killable” plant (unless it’s fake) but the ZZ is pretty damn close. It’s perfect for those living in low-light apartments or dorms. I’ve even seen ZZ plants alive and thriving in windowless rooms, so if lighting is an issue in your space, a ZZ is for you.

3. Pothos
If you want an easy vining or trailing plant, look no further than plants from the pothos variety. The epipremnum aureum are so fast-growing that in South America, where the plant is considered an invasive species, it’s often called the devil’s ivy because it can choke out entire crops. Inside the home, however, the rapid growth is a welcome sight. Pothos come in many varieties, the most common being the golden pothos. Other species of pothos—like the manjula, marble queen or jade pothos—also make striking additions to a shelf or macrame hanger. And when it comes to care and feeding, pothos are a very forgiving plant that needs only medium watering and light.

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