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Terri-Lynn & Jarrett

A picture perfect surprise engagement at Egypt Falls

Terri-Lynn & Jarrett
Terri-Lynn Warren
THE moment at Egypt Falls

During a trip to Cape Breton to visit my extended family, Jarrett and I decided to have a mini vacation along the Cabot Trail. For our first stop we re-visited one of our favourite spots in CB—Egypt Falls, which we had fallen in love with during our last Cabot Trail trip, five years ago. I was so excited to go back I was oblivious to what else was in the works. Once we arrived at the falls we took in the stunning scenery and the amazing sound of the loud rushing water. After reconnecting with this wonderful place, which we had to ourselves, we decided to recreate a photo we had taken while there five years ago. The plan was that I would sit down on the rock and Jare would stand beside me. After setting up the camera on the tripod and putting on the 10 second timer, we ran into our spots for a test shot to make sure it worked out well. Me being a photographer, a test shot didn't seem out of the ordinary to me. After the test shot we got rid of our bulky hats and jackets and prepped for the real photo. After pressing the shutter button I ran back and sat on the rock beside Jarrett as I had before. Again the camera timer light was flashing, about to go off any second, and Jare was beside me just out of my peripheral vision... although this time he was tapping me on the shoulder saying “Hey, Terri, Hey, Hey..” trying to get my attention.

In my head I was thinking "What are you doing you’re going to ruin the shot, silly!" as I still look at the camera with a permanent photo ready smile. Finally, I turned to him to see what all the commotion was about and there he was, not standing anymore, but kneeling down on one knee holding a beautiful engagement ring. The camera timer quickly left my mind as he took my hand and we stare at each other with genuinely huge smiles. It’s hard to remember exactly what was said because I basically went into a smiling shocked state filled with excitement, happiness, and love, but there were some words shared along the lines of “Will you marry me?” “Yes!” “I love you” “I love you too!”. We kissed, we hugged, and then we popped champagne (which he had snuck in his book bag earlier when I wasn't looking). And the rest was history. He bundling up so many of my loves in one exciting memory—surprises, Egypt Fall, Cape Breton, photos, the outdoors, champagne, and of course, him. And here I thought I was the romantic!

—as told by Halifax wedding photographer, Terri-Lynn Warren

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