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Sukhpal & Tim
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Sukhpal Kaur and Tim Villermet met on an airplane, where she was a flight attendant and he was a passenger. There is certainly something magical about their story, meeting tens of thousands of feet in the air. Following their conversation about spirituality on the aircraft, Tim took Sukhpal out for her first Montreal bagel and the connection was unmistakable. He proposed in a hotel room decorated with candles and champagne. The most important detail of Sukhpal and Tim's wedding was for it to be an intimate gathering with their nearest and dearest, in a location that made them feel connected to nature. They managed to pull off a gorgeous ceremony mixing tradition and modernity. Tying together Tim's Nova Scotian pride and Sukhpal's Indian heritage, the bride wore a stunning red dress, the conventional colour for women in her culture. The ceremonies were a melding of two backgrounds, with a Maritime feel but also a respect for the Vedic ritual. The wedding was all about fall colours, providing a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. "Our goal was to find a spot that was very much about nature," says Tim. The couple found their dream location at Cape D'or. "One of my favourite moments was when the sun started going down, all the beautiful colours. We climbed up on a cliff and just held each other."


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