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Smitten with simplicity

Rose & Kelly | Married April 16, 2011

Easy does it for Rose Wilson and Kelly Blanche; they’ll both admit that from day one things just sort of fell into place for them. Even though Kelly had been working alongside Rose’s mother for three years, hearing embarrassing stories that would later fuel her jokes, the pair finally met in 2007 through another co-worker. With big laughs and simplicity at the heart of their relationship, it’s no wonder that four years later their big day went without a hitch. “Our motto was: If some detail doesn’t work out or doesn’t happen how we imagined, then it wasn’t meant to be and we would change our course,” recalls Kelly. They hosted an incredibly intimate ceremony and celebratory meal in Wolfville, gathering 14 of their favourite people in the world to share their bliss. “We wanted the day to be more about the marriage itself and less about the ‘stuff.’ I think it’s really easy for brides to get caught up in planning these giant weddings. You get lost in all of that, forgetting about the love behind it all,” says Rose of the picture perfect day that ended with she and Kelly dancing their first dance ever in the privacy of their own suite. “I envisioned the day EXACTLY how it happened...simple, elegant, a bit whimsical and full of love and laughter.”


Dress/suit Custom
Shoes Vintage (Rose) | Black leather Nikes (Kelly)
Hair Aveda (Wolfville)
Venue/Caterer/Cake Tempest (Wolfville)
Flowers Peacock feathers
Invitations DIY, Duly Noted (envelopes)
Number of guests 14

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