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Registry: Gifted education

Elaine Shortt and Debbie Morgan of Thornbloom—The Inspired Home offer advice on how to plan a gracious registry.

Registry: Gifted education

What is the best way to let guests know about the registry? Is it uncouth to include this information on an invite or a wedding website?

While setting up a registry should be a fun experience, it's primarily a service you're providing for your guests. Guests are generally relieved to discover there's a registry available to them, as it means they'll have a selection to choose from they know you'll be happy to receive! By all means, put it on your website if you have one, but not on your invitations. It's more discreet to add your web address to the invitation. Most importantly, put your close family and friends to work by spreading the word.

What are some things to be asking before choosing a registry?

Ask how a store will handle out-of-town guests; independent stores are unlikely to be able to offer a registry online, but should offer a toll-free number, send updated copies of the registry on request and email digital images of gift ideas. Confirm they'll be offering complimentary gift-wrapping. Are they willing to order items on your registry that are out of stock? Ask about making changes to the registry, and have an assurance you'll be able to return gifts after the wedding if necessary.

My partner and I have lived together for years and don't need household items. What are some other options that we should explore?

Most couples today have the basics covered, but it's a great opportunity to consider "upgrading" to some quality items, particularly if you love to cook and you're registering at a kitchen

store. Bed and table linens often need a refresh, as do bathroom towels. Many couples find themselves entertaining more often, which means serving pieces and extra glassware might be useful.

I'd like a range of prices on my registry, including some bigger ticket items. But I don't want to put pressure on my fixed-income guests or seem like I'm asking for too much. What's the best way to handle this?

Variety is important. Offer a wide selection and options for every budget. Experienced sales staff should be able to help you and should suggest adding items at different price points you may not have covered. Having a few larger items is important, for group gifts and close family. Or consider gift certificates, which fit everyone's budget.

Elaine Shortt & Debbie Morgan
When Elaine and Debbie first opened Thornbloom, they dreamed of creating the perfect home store in Halifax. Twenty-one years later, Thornbloom---The Inspired Home has become a cornerstone of home decor, with quality furniture, luxurious bed linens and the best in kitchenware.

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