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Recently Engaged: Maryanne & Mark

Bonfires and beaches.

Timing, they say, is everything. Mark was home in town for a few days before returning to work in Ontario, and Maryanne had recently returned from a summer in Europe. Mark saw Maryanne's profile online and contacted her. She ignored him. He tried again, and this time she replied because he had made her smile. But time was running out because in four days, he'd be leaving for work. They started exchanging information, then talking on the phone, and by Saturday night, she invited him to join her in sharing a bonfire and a drink. He showed up with a single rose and she knew he was trouble. They chatted by the fire, then spontaneously decided to drive to Lawrencetown Beach to see the stars. They easily talked about all sorts of interesting things, including glowing potatoes. It was early September, and it was incredibly cold at the beach, so after awhile Mark drove her home and dropped her off. They kept talking while he was away at work, and every day since regardless of where either of them is located.

In May, Mark suggested they drive back to that beach. It was grey, foggy and cold, and the only people around were a few courageous surfers in the waves. When they got there, Mark took her hand and walked to a spot close by where they had talked that night, and proposed.

They are getting married May 18, 2013 in Mabou, Mark's hometown.

*As told by Maryanne Fisher.

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