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Recently Engaged: Katy & Remi

Goofy grins all around.

Remi and I are both scientists working towards the completion of our PhD degrees. In February of 2011, we decided to go engagement ring shopping together. We picked out a style that we both liked, and the rest was up to Remi. Little did I know, that over the next two months, Remi had been meeting with a local jeweler to design a custom ring. Apparently, he had been saving money for the last 3 years to finally make this purchase. He picked up the ring in early April, however, I was literally working 24/7 for 6 weeks straight and it wasn't until I decided to take a Saturday off, that he decided to propose.

On that day, Remi had planned a picnic. After picking up some goods at the local farmers' market, we settled on a bench in Cornwallis Park. Even though the weather had started off nice, it quickly got cold out. Fortunately, we were just finishing up our picnic, and ask Remi knelt down to pack up his backpack, he pulled out a ring with a huge smile on his face! After a discussion of:

"You didn't."

(goofy nod)

"Are you going to actually say it?"

(goofy nod again)


(goofy nod, followed by)

"Will you marry me?"

And I said yes (of course). The ring was beautiful and fit perfectly. We are planning on getting married this June after being together 6 years. We are both looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together, and never having to plan a wedding again =).

*As told by Katy Garant

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