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Recently Engaged: Jenny & Joe

The best birthday surprise.

Jenny and I met at work. It was love at first sight. We started out as friends and as we got to know each other, we decided to start dating. Jenny stole my heart from the beginning and after our first kiss, I knew she was keeping it. We have now been together for a little over 3 years and have been virtually inseparable ever since.

I had known for awhile that I was going to propose, but was trying to decide the how and the when. I had a few ideas rolling around in my head, but the picture attached is the one I decided to go with. I purchased the ring a few weeks prior to Jenny's birthday after searching high and low for what she had selected as the perfect one. I ordered a cake and provided the bakery with the measurements for the box. When it came time to bring in the cake, Jenny's two beautiful children, Brooke and Bryce, helped me carry the cake and a dozen roses into the kitchen singing "Happy Birthday". We placed the cake on the table for Jenny to read. She opened the box to complete the question and the birthday surprise.

We're getting married September 22, 2012.

*As told by Joe MacDonald

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