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Recently Engaged: Becka & Adam

Stranded on an island in Kejimkujik National Park.

Recently Engaged: Becka & Adam
Photos by Adam Hartling

We love going camping together, so canoeing out to one of the backcountry sites at Kejimkujik National Park was something we'd been looking forward to all summer!

We started the 6km canoe to our site at the worst time of day, right when the waves were at their peak and coming straight at us. Becka - ever the adventurous one - got scared, so we had to take a break to wait for the wind to die down.

There we were, stranded on an island, only 1km in on our looming long trip. Becka was laying down with her head on Adam's lap, and he was thinking how happy he was stranded on an island with this beautiful girl he is so incredibly in love with... And so he said, "Well, this was all part of my master plan, to leave at the worst time of day, get you stranded on island, and ask you to to be my wife."

Becka was totally surprised and burst into laughter and tears, hugging Adam while he got the ring from his pocket. He asked "Will you marry me?" and forgetting to answer the question, Becka (still in near hysterics) blurted out "This is the happiest I've ever been!!" and put the ring on; finally saying "YES!!!"

We always have so much fun together, even when things don't turn out quite how we planned. And Adam always makes Becka feel better when she's scared of things like waves (or the dark, or coyotes/owls...)

We had a wonderful time camping that weekend, and believe it or not the wind died down after Adam's proposal and it was smooth sailing the rest of the day!

To be married September 1, 2012.

*As told by Becka MacKinnon

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