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Recently Engaged: Ashley & John

Surprised at the Parade of Lights.

John and I have been attending the Halifax Parade of Lights for the past five years. It has always been a fun way to start the holiday season. This past year I was in for a big surprise while watching the parade.

John had said that we were meeting some friends at the CIBC building to watch the parade. When we got there his friends were no where to be found. They "texted" to say they wouldn't be able to make it (all part of the plan to get us to watch the parade at the CIBC building).

Part way through the parade the Eastlink host came over and asked us if we would be willing to come answer a couple of questions about what we thought about the parade, etc. We then stood in the street with our backs to the oncoming parade to be interview by Tim from Eastlink. After answering a couple of questions, Tim asked us if there was anything special that brought us to the parade tonight. That's when John said, "Well actually there is..." and we turned around and I saw the banner with our picture on it saying "Ashley Will You Marry Me" coming down the road in the parade. I of course said YES!

*As told by Ashley Sawler.

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