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My Favourite Summer Movie

Some of Halifax’s finest share the summery flicks they’ll never get sick of.

Wet Hot American Summer

Because I went to camp for 10,000 years, was a councillor and am drawn to romantic summertime drama as well canoeing and water sports. Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon and Janeane Garofalo are three of my favourite humans that I don't know. —Jenn Grant, musician

How would you feel about a surreal and hilarious summer camp movie where a talking can of mixed vegetables gives advice to an unhinged Vietnam war vet/camp cook played by Christopher Meloni? —Mark Flindall, programming manager, Atlantic Film Festival

Stand By Me

There was an abandoned railway track at the end of my driveway growing up, and one summer---inspired by this film---my older brother, cousins and I took a summer walk along it when we were kids, looking for some kind of adventure. We never found a dead body. —Tim Crabtree, musician

Remember that one summer you and your childhood best friends found a dead body? What a bonding experience! Come for the coming-of-age story, stay for the amazing soundtrack. —Trevor Murphy, host of Halifax Is Burning

Do The Right Thing

Holy crap it's important! Summer heat as a metaphor for racial tension? Nice, Spike. Niiiice. —Cheryl Hann, actor

Dirty Dancing

I love romance that starts on dance floors with soul songs and basslines and good moves and heat. —Tanya Davis, poet

Weekend At Bernie's

If not for the oversized Hawaiian shirts then love it for the fact it's 100 percent zany. Everyone can use more zany. —John Mullane, musician

A League of Their Own

When I was a kid I used to brag about how many times I had seen it. I stopped counting at 32. At that time I was like, 12. That number is now embarrassingly high. Dirt in the skirt! —Jenna Dufton, programming manager, OUTeast

Beasts of the Southern Wild

It's raw and charming and heartbreaking. Quvenzhané Wallis gives one of my favourite performances of any actor in any movie. —Don Brownrigg, musician

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