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My favourite room: Rebekah Higg's green bathroom

A ton of grunt work turned this eyesore into a one-of-a-kind oasis.

My favourite room: Rebekah Higg's green bathroom
Matt McMullen
Host of DIY Mom, Rebekah Higgs' jadeite bathroom channels boho bliss

The story

The green bathroom was a pretty big eyesore, it probably deterred a lot of people from buying the house—a lot of people looked at it and it was on the market for a really long time. It had this custom green square tub, which was really bizarre, a shower and this thick tile all over the walls. Initially I thought, let's gut the whole bathroom, but when I decided to put on an extension I had enough space to do a master ensuite and shifted my money from renovating the green bathroom to the extension.

I asked several tile people if it was possible to chip away—there was a pattern on the top of the tile—and they were all like no, that's impossible. I thought, "there's got to be a way to do this." It was very time consuming, but in the end that ended up saving me a lot of money. I was able to get the pattern off that I wanted to and salvaged enough solid green tiles that I could replace anything that I chipped.

I ripped out linoleum flooring and put down a two-by-two porcelain tile that has a marble look. The dimensional juxtaposition of the big tile and the small tiles simplifies the space so that you can play with the green and make it work. I kind of like the colour green and I think it's coming back in a big way.

My favourite room: Rebekah Higg's green bathroom (2)
Matt McMullen

The details

I was able to save a little bit of the vintage flair, those really good quality wall tiles, you don't get that quality from 70 years ago anymore, and the radiator grates. I just put beadboard on top of the old wallpaper, and I found that modern shiplap look would give it a kind of bohemian style. The final decorating of the bathroom—finding those fun green towels from H&M Home and hanging baskets from Independent Mercantile and weavings that Mimi [Audellynn] made for me—gave it that bohemian vibe and made it that fun space. When I walk in there, it's just a bright bathroom, it makes me smile.

My favourite room: Rebekah Higg's green bathroom (3)
Matt McMullen

What makes it your favourite?

It's such an uplifting colour! Even in the winter when you walk into the room you feel like you have a little bit of spring in your life. Plus, the shape of the tub, it's such a great space. My daughter plays in it for such a long time, and the chandelier gives it a little bit of glamour. It is just a nice happy bright space and has that south-facing sun all day long. —interview conducted and edited for space and clarity by Allison Saunders

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