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Music Festival Survival Guide

Some of Halifax's festival-going experts offer up hot tips for making it through the weekend

Rich Aucoin

It's easy to think of festivals like an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet and stuff yourself such that it depreciates the overall meal of experiences. I recommend just picking a few things you want to see each day and focus on just having a relaxing day outdoors with your friends.

Don't be afraid to get muddy and/or embrace the rain if it does so. Some of my favourite festival experiences have been in the pouring rain.

Dub Kartel

Be prepared with Functional FestiWear, PreRolls (burritos and otherwise), light beer (for those long days) and ample sleep to stay awake for your favourite bands.

Super Soakers are a great way to meet new people, or to shoot cover fire for your next run to the car for a few new flats of beer!


Food and drink are crucial---you should know whether you ought to bring your own or can count on getting fed and watered on site. When food and drink are plentiful it is great to have some tupperware handy. And never leave the city without a bathing suit unless you are prepared to swim naked.

Willie stratton & the boarding party

I say good footwear is essential. When it comes to festivals, I usually wear military-issue combat boots because they're great for being on your feet all day, and they're tough enough for the wildest of mosh pits. Grace says always swim upstream from hippies.


Dive in. The best way to hear new-to-you music is at a festival. Wander around and see what catches your eyes and ears. Festivals are unpredictable so just embrace the whole crazy experience and don't forget to enjoy yourself!

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