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Like Superman, he wears tights

Where do I go from here? What’s a poopnoodle? And is everyone in the Republican Party a closeted homosexual?

Q I love women. I love the way they look, I love the way they move, I love the way they sound. I like to see them naked. But the idea of actually interacting with women---trying to engage them in intelligent conversation without coming off as absolutely leotarded---absolutely fucking terrifies me. I'm a virgin at 30. I've never had a girlfriend. I've never been on a date. I've never even had a conversation with a woman that lasted longer than a couple of minutes and wasn't completely superficial and forced.

I cannot even imagine myself doing something assertive like approaching a woman and asking her out on a date. And no woman has ever approached me or even shown interest from what I could tell. Sex workers are out of the question because I don't want to risk some asshole cop busting me. Webcam sites are pretty much the only way I interact with women. Sad, no? I'm not at all afraid of vaginas---I'm afraid of women who have clothes on. Got a piece of advice for me? --Awkward And Alone

A I've actually got two pieces of advice for you, AAA. First piece: Get your ass to a shrink---maybe a lady shrink---who can help you with your near-crippling social anxiety and maybe toss some meds your way.

Second piece: Hire a fucking sex worker, AAA, just don't fuck her. Paid companionship is not a crime---there's nothing illegal about paying an escort to escort you places. Find a nice woman, pay her for an hour or two of her time, and have a nice, polite conversation. If you like her, make another appointment, have another conversation. Cops---asshole or otherwise---only bust men when they offer money in exchange for sex, AAA, so don't offer money for sex, or accept her offer to have money for sex, and you won't get busted. And cops working undercover to bust johns don't make follow-up appointments or build ongoing relationships with clients. So if a woman sees you more than once---or twice, to be extra safe---she's not a cop.

Q I am a straight and, dare I say it, vanilla woman who met a straight man who somewhat reminds me of Clark Kent and Superman. He's seemingly mild-mannered, good-looking, pleasant, an all-around great guy, just like Clark Kent---and just like Superman, he likes to wear tights.

It ends up that he likes to be dominated, spanked and buttfucked---and crossdress. Our sexual encounters are a bit different for me, to say the least, but I thoroughly enjoy them. I like spanking him, humiliating him, tying him up and watching him try on panties (in which he looks darn good!). It's all rather exciting!

Does this mean that I'm a dominatrix? Would I act this way with other men, or is it just him? And finally, where do I go from here? —Being Deviant Satisfies Me

A A dominatrix? That's a professional title, BDSM, and you're not planning to pursue a career in kink. (Are you?) To determine if you're genuinely and independently kinky and not just getting off on beating and binding the boyfriend because he gets off on it, you'll just have to beat and bind someone else sometime. As for where you go from here, BDSM, if you're in San Francisco or you can get there for a weekend, you might wanna sign up for Forte Femme, a weekend-long "sensual dominance intensive" hosted by kink superstar/supernova Midori. More info at

Q I'm a GGG 38-year-old single woman, longtime reader, first-time writer. 1. What is a cream pie? 2. Do you find it weird to be turned on by getting fondled up and aroused into sex while sleeping? I have a hard time communicating to partners that I want this! Can you give communication assistance so I don't sound so freaky? --Freak In Phoenix

A 1. Google "cream pie." The first three results are relevant; the fourth ("Banana Cream Pie: Recipe") is not. 2. Your kink, FIP, barely moves the needle on my kink-o-metre. If you're having a hard time communicating your interest in fondled-while-asleep sex, just memorize this: "It turns me on to get fondled up and aroused into sex while sleeping."

Q Is everyone in the Republican Party a closeted homosexual? —Ken Mehlman's Out Now

A Everyone except Ken Mehlman and Ben Quayle.

Q Poopnoodle. I heard this word for the first time today. When I asked what, exactly, a poopnoodle is, I was told that a poopnoodle is what happens when you pee right after fucking someone hard in the ass. Poop gets stuck up in the dick hole and comes out in the form of a noodle when you piss.

I was wondering if this is something that actually happens, and if so, can you deem "poopnoodle" the official Savage Love term for this occurrence? --Couldn't Think Of An Acronym That Spelled Out "Poopnoodle"

A If what you describe had ever actually happened to anyone, anywhere, ever, "poopnoodle" could be the official Savage Love term for it. But the poopnoodle never actually happens.

If you and your middle-school friends don't believe me, CTOAATSOP, here's what you should do: Go get a couple jars of creamy peanut butter or a few tubs of premade chocolate frosting. Refrigerate until firm. Get your dicks hard. Fuck your jars of peanut butter or tubs of premade frosting. Fuck them hard. Fuck them like they've been bad. Fuck them like you're never gonna recycle 'em. Then go take a piss. You will not produce a peanut butter or chocolate frosting noodle. I promise you.

And think about it, CTOAATSOP: Buttfuckers fuck butt until they come. Wouldn't coming dislodge the poopnoodle?

Finally, some general advice for anyone out there who's interested in anal but now, thanks to CTOAATSOP here, fears the poopnoodle: Wear a condom. A condom can protect you from the poopnoodle and HIV.

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