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Horning in on the Vuvuzela Orchestra

The vuvuzela's sound is more than just a buzz.

Source: vuvuzelaorchestra.co.za

  • Source: vuvuzelaorchestra.co.za

Reader M in South Africa writes us:

And although the buzzing can be annoying on tv, in the stadiums themselves it creates a fantastic atmosphere. People do call-and-response, and different rhythms, and one local musician has even created what he calls a Vuvuzela Orchestra, with each vuvu tuned to a different note. You really need to be there to appreciate it. The most fun of all is blowing one - although I admit that I had to wear earplugs to the game.

This is a cool little video that gives you a better appreciation of what it's like in the crowds. Who wouldn't want to be part of that?

This isn't so much about music, more about annoying, but of course there's an iPhone vuvuzela app:


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