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Halifax's biggest questions about sex, dating and love?

Deep thoughts from our Sex + Dating Survey

We asked the hundreds of respondents from our Sex + Dating Survey what are their most pressing questions about love, sex and the lot—and it turns out, there are a lot. We definitely don't have the answers, but here's a friendly reminder you're not alone in your journey through the world of relationships.


"Are we capable of long-term monogamy?"

"How to find love again after 20 years of marriage? Sex is so easy. Love? Not so much."

"When will people stop acting so fucking weird when others openly talk about their sexuality? I wish it was more normalized because I think it would make everyone's sex lives better if we felt more comfortable openly communicating about sex."

"Why are there so few single NORMAL, attractive guys in their early-40s out there?"

"What ever happened to romance?"

"How much should you have to compromise until the relationship won’t work?"

"Why does it bother me so little that I can go years without sex?"

"Why doesn't anyone just frigging communicate? What is so hard about saying how you feel and asking for what you want?"

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