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Halifamous: my greatest gives

Leonard Preyra , MLA for Halifax Citadel - Sable Island, shares his most inspired presents

Thank you for asking me about the best gift I have ever given. Like beauty, “best gifts” are in the eye of the beholder, so it’s hard to be sure; however, with nine brothers and sisters, six brothers- and sisters-in-law and their 15 partners, and 30 nephews and nieces, gift-giving is always a challenge. Many years ago our family decided, in order to cut costs and to address our concerns about the commercialization of Christmas (and the commoditization of affection), we would give the “gift of time.” We don’t always abide by the guideline; but, many of us, instead of giving gifts to our younger nieces and nephews, will do something fun with them over the holidays. One Christmas we went tobogganing and had hot chocolate and hot apple cider after. Apart from cutting down on costs (especially of gifts that don’t work out) this has the added benefit of creating a gift of time for their parents, and it also brings our children together because they only see their cousins once or twice a year.
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