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It's Fencing's old school European nature that attracts me. That, and growing up on Errol Flynn movies. I am watching two Italian women (Granbassi and Trillini) fence in the Women's individual foil event. A close up shot of Trillini's hand shows off a gold wedding ring and an expensive watch. No dressing down for this event. Like equestrian, it's a high class sport. The officiating is done in French. The uniforms are cool. C'mon now, who wouldn't want to dress up in those suits and give 'er a shot? Also - it looks like it takes place in a theatre. The audience sits in the dark. The fencing stage is brightly lit. Thing is, I have no friggin' idea how the sport works. All the small fights are over much faster than in the movies. I think Granbassi has killed Trillini at least ten times. Maybe if the event took place on a recreated set of a pirate ship, it would have mass appeal. But le duc d'escrime would never allow it.

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