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Coffee’s simple leisures

If you hit some of the town’s best cafe patios, you’ll discover that enjoying a cappuccino and a baked treat outside is one of the summer’s serious pleasures.

Steve-O-Reno's Cappuccino

There are a few little tables out front of this popular coffee spot, but the front porch is so small that scoring an outdoor seat can be tough. This is a problem no longer: Steve-O-Reno's upstairs neighbor, Spree---a vintage clothing and fashion shop--- has access to a beautiful public space on the coffee shop's roof. Spree owners Adrien Labrecque and Joanne Short decided the space need not be wasted. Starting at 11am, coffee-goers who crave sunshine are welcome to climb the Spree stairs and check out the rooftop. It seats 30 to 40 people, and Lebrecque says there will be occasional live music.

1536 Brunswick Street, 429-3034

Julien's Patisserie Bakery and Cafe

This Hydrostone hotspot is consistently voted by Coast readers as Halifax's best bakery, with master baker Didier Julien at its helm. Well, nothing goes better with an authentic French pastry than a coffee, and Julien's is a great spot to enjoy both. Julien's patio is almost hidden, located on the side of the building. It's equipped with two large picnic tables, and plenty of plant life. There is a vine-entangled fence that cuts the patio off from the street, giving it a private and cozy atmosphere.

5517 Young Street, 455-9717

Ireland32 Cafe

Ireland32 is a modern-looking coffee spot, with an atmosphere that screams class. It has a good variety of coffee, specialty drinks and food to choose from, to go with computers and wifi for your browsing pleasure. There's a small patio out front, but what's fantastic about this place is the large, semi-indoor bonus patio that is located in the back. The shelter provided means you can enjoy your coffee outdoors, while listening to the Halifax rain. Owner Noel Gallagher is pushing for a liquor licence, so soon enough you may be able to make your coffee an Irish one.

6220 Quinpool Road, 444-7555


If you need some new reading material to go with your coffee, this north end coffee nook doubles as a book exchange. If your bones are weary and you need a place to stay, it triples as a hostel! And the patio here can be glorious on a nice day. Owner Michelle Strum enthusiastically calls it "the sunniest patio in Halifax." And with so many backpackers stopping through on their travels, you're sure to meet lots of interesting folks. Doors stay open until 10pm and Alteregos possesses a liquor licence, so when the sun goes down, you can always switch to beer.

2193 Gottingen Street, 431-3170

Just Us! Coffeehouse

Just Us! lives in a large three-story Victorian house, just a quick walk away from Dalhousie and King's. It offers its own brand of fair trade and organic coffees, along with an ethnic food selection and lots of specialty drinks. Just Us! also has plenty of coffee paraphernalia on for sale---things like mugs and french presses, to go with their beans. There are two patios attached to the building, one on the ground floor and one upstairs. The seating is picnic table style, so these patios work nicely for big crews.

5896 Spring Garden Road, 423-0856

Spring Garden Internet Cafe

This place is great for those who like to run into people they know. Located on Spring Garden near Gatsby's, some of the busiest foot traffic in Halifax passes by this patio. Only two tables sit out front of this cafe-convenience store combo, but there are plenty of chairs. It's perfect for people-watching on a sunny day. And now with summer upon us, this place sticks out most because they offer something we all crave on a scorching Halifax day---ice cream cones.

5681 Spring Garden Road, 423-0785

Chebucto Coffee

Since opening in August 2010, Chebucto Coffee has offered the north end plenty of specialty coffees and a variety of tasty treats, all for decent prices. Plus they've got paninis, and everybody loves paninis. There are delicious breakfast options, and Great Canadian bagels are available. If you want sunshine with your coffee, there are a couple of outdoor tables by the front door. But if the day's too hot and you need some shade, there's a gorgeous and spacious covered patio on the side of the building with plenty of seats.

6430 Chebucto Road, 404-5885

Cabin Coffee

Located on Hollis Street, Cabin Coffee has a great view of the harbour just beyond the Waterfront Warehouse. There are a few large colourful patio chairs and a few tables set up out front for those who want to enjoy the scenery. The best thing about this place is its food selection. There are lots of homemade goodies and all-day breakfast options. For the health-conscious among us, real fruit smoothies and a variety of daily soups are available. There are free newspapers and magazines for in-house customers, and of course there's lots of coffee.

1554 Hollis Street, 422-8130

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