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Canada Games is not the Olympics; not even a NFL football game

Hint: TV networks cover what they think people will watch.

Says the Herald:
A lack of television coverage of the 2011 Canada Winter Games has ticked off some Nova Scotia fans...

He said it is disappointing major broadcasters like CBC or CTV do not have additional cameras and crews in Nova Scotia for the two-week celebration of athletics and culture that has about 2,700 young athletes from across Canada in the province, along with hundreds of supporters.

"Isn’t CBC supposed to be our national broadcaster?" he fumed.

A similar story was heard from other frustrated fans, some of whom called or emailed The Chronicle Herald to complain about the limited television coverage.

Sigh. This is a product of locals over-hyping the Games. Yes, the Canada Games are a fun event, and yes, we should welcome our visitors with open arms, and maybe, hopefully, some of the highlight on athleticism will spillover to getting our own youngsters more interested in becoming active, healthy citizens themselves (although that truism is questionable). But, come on-- They're just the Canada Games. Not the Olympics. Not the Commonwealth Games. Not the Aboriginal Games. Not the NFL. Not a CFL football game in Moncton. Not even a SMU football game.

I mean no disrespect. The Canada Games are a worthy enterprise, and good on the athletes, good on the organizers, hope the spectators have a lot of fun. But nobody much in Calgary or Vancouver or Toronto wants to sit around the teebee and watch them. The Canada Games is a little event, a little hokey, just like its host city. Those are good things, in my opinion. That's just the way it is.

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