10 ONLINE DATING TIPS | Sex + Dating | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

1) Be polite and gracious. Pretend you are meeting at a party. There’s no need to say anything different online than you would in person.

2) Pay attention to grammar and spelling. At best a poorly spelled profile or message looks sloppy, at worst, ignorant.

3) Put yourself out there and post a photo. It’s not just for people to see what you look like but so people know they haven’t met you before.

4) If you feel optimistic about a potential match, make a cafe date sooner rather than later. It maximizes the easygoing fun and minimizes expectation, and if you don’t click, you haven’t wasted too much of each other’s time. 

5) There’s no substitute for chemistry. As perfect as the boy/girl of your dreams seems in their profile and emails, you really don’t have a clue about attraction until you’re in the same room together.

6) When you create your profile, be honest. Hamming it up or trying to be funny rarely works in your favour. Be yourself, 'cause it's just like trying out for Canadian Idol.

7) Guys: Don't ask her to describe her body in your first emails. It's called class, look into it.

8) And guys: don't bring presents on the first date. Seriously, dial that shit down.

9) If you're overweight, don't describe your body type as "average" (even if, statistically, you are). People can tell if you're being coy in the photos you choose and your insecurity will be writ large if you ever meet in the flesh. Just own it: confidence is an aphrodisiac.

10) Talk about what you love, what you're passionate about. It's hot.

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