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This is a past event.

Zac Crouse CD Release

In 2006 Zac Crouse spent four months traversing the waters off Newfoundland with a friend, a kayak and a ukulele in tow. First, he taught himself how to play the instrument, next came the saltwater-soaked songs. "If you're just sitting there waiting for the wind to die down, there's nowhere to go. There were some stretches where it was five days of waiting." And with the waiting came You Plan to Do Nothing, Crouse’s sweet and melodic debut solo album. After a stint in Yarmouth for Nova Scotia Music Week accompanying his Caledonia bandmates, and his kayak, Crouse is onto preparations for a tour with Tanya Davis this winter and then it’s back in the kayak to navigate his way from the Ottawa Valley to Halifax. We look forward to the sounds those waters will bring. –Allison Saunders

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