2009: the year the system went to shit

It started with a sewage plant collapsing, then the Herald cut staff, Dexter got in (good) but keeps playing safe (bad), but the people kept on fighting.
Two thousand nine is the year the system failed us. On every front, the established order collapsed, and regular people realized we can no longer rely on the powers-that-be: we have to take matters into our own hands.

People of the Year 2008

Team Coast's top five favourite people
Alexa McDonough The MP for Halifax announced on June 2 that she wouldn’t run again, which might have been the signal Stephen Harper was looking for. Just three months later he called the federal election.

The Year of Doom

2008 started with one shocking death --- and ended with another, when Peter Roberts from Gus' Pub died December 29. In between, 2008 had some good, plenty of bad, and a whole lot of ugly.
January 22 Heath Ledger dies in New York City Not since the mid-’90s deaths of Brandon Lee and River Phoenix has a hot young actor passed so unexpectedly. Shrouded by whispers that his method---playing the nihilistic Joker in the just-completed Batman movie The Dark Knight---had pushed him to the accidental prescription drug cocktail overdose, morbid curiosity and well-orchestrated hype may have drawn some to Jonathan and Christopher Nolan’s summer blockbuster on its July 18 opening.

The year on 'roids

A look back at super-charged 2007, feauturing Garage Rockers, the loonie and thugs on the Common.
Violence: So what random act of violence story do you have to remember 2007 by? I saw a guy hit in the head with a brick.

Stay classy, 2006

A look back at the year in which the gloves didn’t just come off, they were photographed without underwear. by Sue Carter Flinn, Mike Fleury, Stephanie Johns and Tara Thorne
Agricola Street: Not just for antiquing anymore—although, you can still do that too, if you’d like. Frankly, you can do almost anything these days on Agricola, given the variety of things that have moved onto the historic north end street.

The year floweth over

More of 2006 from your favourite neighbourhood editorial team.
City and Colour at Alderney Landing: A much-needed cure to the Juno blues was this April 3 early show in Alderney Landing’s theatre. After days full of drunken, chatty, schmoozy industry fucks---even Ron Sexsmith, at a private party in his honour, commented on the lack of respect---a rapt audience averaging at about 16 years old kept its mouth shut and its eyes pointed at the stage on this evening.

Year in Review

Another year, another Juan—a winter version this time around. And more on the same-sex marriage front. Plus, more elections than you care to remember.
Municipal electionA healthy dose of pre-election buzz came to a rather anticlimactic head on October 16, when metro voters chose overwhelming in favour of mayor Peter Kelly keeping his job.Going into the election, Kelly faced three challengers: folksy Mike Flemming, a school board member and former bus driver; sharp-tongued city planner Ernie Brennan, who repeatedly accused Kelly and others in city hall of mismanaging funds; and flashy Victor Syperek, a successful bar and night club owner whose last-minute blitz campaign gave him an edge over his fellow contenders.Ultimately, though, it was a one-man show. The mild-mannered mayor collected an impressive 100,625 votes to Syperek’s 12,448.


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