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Re: “Stop Feeding Your Kids Crap!

Good points on the price comparisons!

Posted by @ work on 04/03/2009 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Stop Feeding Your Kids Crap!

I think almost anything is fine in moderation. When I was in high school not to many years ago, I would rush home after school eat whatever could be made the quickest, (almost always nachos with c-whiz, or Kraft dinner) and the be on my way to play ball or hang otu with friends, but when it came time for actual meals my family always sat down at the dinner table together, and at real food that everyone had a hand in helping prepare.

In regards to these processed foods, I can remember from I think back in Jr High or early high school d ays, we had a nutritionist come into our class. She named off what she called the three worste things you could ever eat, one was Mr Noodles, one was those lunchable things with crackers and cheese, and believe the third was Sunny D, could be wrong. Anyway, she pulled out two boxed of these "lunchables", one brand new and one was something like 3 yrs old, and opened. They looked the exact same. Kinda freaked all of us in the class out, because if it didnt' change at all it says alot about have much natural ingredients there are. Saw something similar while flipping through the boob-tube last week with a Mcdonald burger and fries,... was about 3 years old, and looks the same as the day it was bought....

Posted by @ work on 04/03/2009 at 9:41 AM

Re: “Too much perfume, stinky boy.

When I was in highschool it was right around the time that Axe and all these other cheap (expensive as shit to buy, but still cheap), and it was all to common for the guys in my grades and younger to just saturate themselves with the stuff, as well as is it to "freshin" everything they owned, shoes, hats rooms, cars.....but the worste use of the stuff I saw back then, was that there were kids that saw these body sprays as a valid substitues for showing after hockey/soccer/ball games. It was helarious how these kids thought they could just mask the with half a can of old spice spray or axe,.. when as soon as they leaft the lockerroom/field house everyone else in the area/park would smell nothing but a horrid mess of hockey reek mixed with an almost as bad body spary stench! Oh to be a kid again!

Posted by @ work on 03/30/2009 at 4:36 PM

Re: “The not so Bright Haligonians

I don' think anyone that has this spent enough time on online dating sites is in any position to give an opinion on the looks of NS women as a group. The attractive ones, (and there are many), can usually be found outside, in public places,at work, and in social settings around other people, not locked up in their living room updating their non-existant profiles on imafuckingloser.com. The caliber of women (aesthetically) you'll generally find on these sort of dating sites is on average about 2 notches (on the 10 scale) above the caliber of Men you'll find on these sites. I wouldn't be so harsh, considering.

Posted by @ work on 03/25/2009 at 5:11 PM

Re: “Where's The Coast

Hahahaha,... YES!
I am now officially changing my "excuse for everything" phrase!
"Bad Economy" = Out,
"Metro Transit Driver Did It" = IN!


Posted by @ work on 03/19/2009 at 6:59 PM

Re: “Tipping

Oh the tip debate! How wonderful...

My two cents (pun intended);

If you go rummaging through various dictionaries, they will likely define a tip or gratuity as sometime like an amount above the listed price for a service, and give one of two reasons for granting said tip. The first being appriciation for superior service, and the second, probably more common I would guess, would be social norms or standards.

In my mind, the idea of tipping for tips sake (ie. because it's the social norm) is a rediculous idea (although, hypocritically, I would always find myself leaving a tip regardless of service quality. Forgive me, I'm weak!). Despite my practice of tipping regardless of service, my theory towards tipping, in the food service anyway, was that the servers get paid to take my order, bring my food, and check in every once and a while to see if I needed anything else. If this is what the servers would do, then great, they did what they were paid to do, welcome to the work world. In my mind, where the tips came into play was when the server went above and beyond what they were already being paid to do, whether it was with superior service, a fu personality, anything that made my expereice more enjoyable, and would make me want to some back to the restaurant again. Those are the actions that would warrant a tip from me, and would certainly get one.

Another eliment of this that comes up, is of course the whole tip sharing issue. It doesn't make any sense to me (a third party opinion with no experience in the service industry save for my sisters waitressing back when we were kids), for servers to have to share thier tips with other support staff. Given my previous take on tips only being earned when the servers went above and beyond what they are required to do, I dont think it makes any sence to have to give away they money they earned through extra effort and share it with the servers who didnt go the extra mile, or the support staff in the back, who don't have to put a smile on all day and be nice to the rudest of customers etc etc.

Now, for what in my opinion is the most terrible and disgusting practice in any modern developed society, Servers Wage. I don't believe they have it here in NS (could be wrong, again no experience in the field), but when one of my sisters moved to Ontario and continued to serve through her school years, I could not believe what I was hearing when she told me that they got paid somewhere around between 2 - 4 dollars below minimum wage because "they would make it up in tips". I could ramble for days on how that is fucked, but i'll leave it at simply that, it's fucked!

Before I get fired for time theft here at work, I suppose I should touch on the original post, as it relates to tipping hair dressers. SHUT UP AND STOP YOUR BITCHING! I don't know how the hair care industry managed to get it in their heads that they deserve tips, and what makes them defferent from any other service provider. Now, as with anything else, I am paying you for your service, and if you happen to go above and beyond
to make my experience better or more enjoyable, then maybe I'll tip you, but what Reall Grinds My Gears, is the habit that started with waitresses, and seems to have spilled over to hair dressers, is that regardless of how shitty their service or attitude was, they would EXPECT a tip. It's one thing to hear about waitresses bitching about not getting tips, but it's just rediculous to hear it from hair dressers. I'm pretty sure my chiropractor, mechanic, and vet don't call me an asshole when I leave their office without tipping after they provide me a service, and they did stuff for me that I couldn't do myself with an $80 hair trimmer!

I suppose thats enough of my opinion for one post, but before the Grammar/spelling Nazis decide to set their correctional guns ablaze, just note that it was bad enough I took 5 mins from work to type away aimlessly, I wasn't about to go through the whole proof reading process,.. you are all relatively smart people, try and infrence your way through any spelling or grammar errors, as well as the hundreds of commas that i'm sure I put in this, (bad habit when I freetype).

Thats my two cents on that subject,... and then some.


Posted by @ work on 03/05/2009 at 12:33 PM

Re: “Laundry hog

Steam of Victory? YYEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I'll have you know for the next two weeks when I use the lou i'll be laughing uncontrollably, and it's all thanks to you! Glorious line!......Stream of victory....brililant!

Posted by @ work on 02/17/2009 at 1:59 PM

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Re: “Hamachi Steakhouse

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Hamachi Steakhouse. The service was excellent, and we were very well accommodated. We went in without a reservation, and were initially told we'd have to join a party of ten, but my date and I were instead given our own private grill and chef.

Food was delicious, entertianment value was certainly worth the cost, and the service was excellent.

Would deffinetly go back again.

Posted by @ work on 04/14/2009 at 3:04 PM

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