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Re: “Ever needed someone to talk to?

From the wife perspective...Yup, you're wrong! Talk to your wife or your buddies but stay away from temptation. Then next week you won't have to explain "how it just happened" :D

Posted by Wondering the secret on 03/09/2009 at 9:23 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

If this dog was human it would be like pinching someone for walking too close to his sandcastle...he would get a time out...Or the trouble maker who frequently starts a fight in a bar 'cause someone looked at 'his girl'...he would be kicked out, likely for the night...Brindi has had her time out, so has Francesca!

I read the court ruling from a link from either her blog or the discussions in her Facebook group (the other group did not exist when I read it). If you can't find it in the group it was likely in the blog, which is now gone. Most of the media links were there as well. When looking to post a video from one of the news sites to a different group I was told videos could not be posted as they are copyrighted. It may be the reason they are not there, although I know lots of people add them anyway. Anytime you add photos or video to Facebook it asks if you have the right to distribute it, and if you don't own it you don't have the right to post these things unfortunately. It may be possible to get around that by posting a link, thus giving proper credit where it's due?

I don't know what kind of training she did with Brindi but I do remember seeing it on the blog. I do know she only had the dog one year. I've had dogs for many years, and done many types and levels of training. Anyone that has been to obedience classes knows there is no such thing as getting a perfect recall (or stay) in a short period of time, certainly not in a first level of classes, has been my experience. So whatever classes she passed were not enough, and only a stepping stone to build on. A pass in an obedience class doesn't mean you have a trained dog, it means you and your dog are ready for the next level.

For the record, I have never emailed anyone but Francesca and a couple of admins or supporters I was discussing things with. Unfortunately even admins have their own opinion, it's the reason in my (unrelated) group I'm the only admin :) It prevents people from speaking on my behalf or editting as they see fit. I realize the admin emailed everyone calling people out, I deleted it, it reflected badly on the group and Fran, it was unnecessary... and I had already read their nastiness!

You say that you never once saw an unprovoked attack in the anti-Fran group? Tell me again about the chicken wire fence (that isn't chicken wire!)...the death threats attributed to her supporters, accusations of money laundering because there's a European bank account for her friends to donate to, question again whether she should be able to use the Canadian court system because she wasn't born here (she lives here!), tell us again how the trainers have jumped ship, how she thanked the Bridgewater puppy killer (she didn't, she thanked the person she received Brindi from and explained that many times!)...NONE of THAT is nasty?! None of it was NICE that's for sure, much of of it (if not all) is untrue, and no one seems to want to provide any supportive evidence of any of it! I can tell you, her supporters did not start any of those nasty discussions! How was it provoked? I guarantee Francesca did not go into that group and provoke any of those attacks! I have hardly seen her try to defend herself against these attacks at all (although her supporters certainly do!)!

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Posted by Wondering the secret on 03/08/2009 at 10:38 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

So where do you think Ms Rogier's supporters heard about this article...on her Save Brindi support group! It was posted by Ms Rogier. Every article about this was posted there until the attacks started happening about a month ago when a few people decided there was a secret truth!

If you had read every post in every discussion, blog, and news articles etc that have been posted since day one, all the facts are there. Her apology is there. There has been tons of postings and information and a lot of the information you do have to read way back to find the details. I don't think she should have to re-post every piece of information and detail over and over for the ones that can't be bothered to do their reading or research. All the incidents and details have been explained over and over. When people came in and start questioning, (the questions that started this anti-Fran group were very much accusations-money laundering are you kidding me?!) and don't listen to or read the many postings to find the answer before the accusations get worse, why would Francesca respond? She's very clearly and respectfully asked people to send her an email or message if that want any information. I've asked plenty and have always gotten an answer, of course I asked respectfully. I was very surprised when a handful of some of her most vocal supporters (and their aliases) appeared in this vicious group.

I have heard a few people from Save Brindi have done such things as email or call people in the other group. Having a couple people out of more than 4000 do something on their own in the mistaken belief they are helping, is just how life is...as you are quick to point out everyone is entitled to their opinion. Do I support what those people have done in this? Nope! Just as there are a few rotten people spewing half truths, untruths, and outright lies in the anti-Francesca group, there are a few people in her group that also do inappropriate things. This in no way indicates she sanctioned them.

I don't believe anyone HAS to support Ms Rogier (I do though). I am in the group, and have read everything, at no time did I get an email asking me to complain to anyone. I don't think anyone has complained that your group is closed, suits me fine...as I said I've been waiting for the secret truth to be revealed there. I would join the group if it was simply Save Brindi with no attack on her owner, since my understanding was the 'truth' was going to be posted there. I just didn't learn anything new there and the title of the group itself makes it an attack group, except for the title it looked like the group was going to be an open forum to express an opinion. What more is there to add by having that group? The information has not changed from the original group or blog, nothing has changed nor will change until June yet everyday people in that group sit and judge, lie about and belittle Ms Rogier. Even here the most vocal people continue to vocalize saying the same unproven 'facts' such as the withdrawing of support from trainers. There must be a coffee hour where those trainers sit around giving their opinion to those few mouthpieces in the group, as again there is no public statement. I have also not seen any proof or charges regarding the SPCA threats coming from the support group. I do recall the statement from the SPCA saying this happens a couple times every year...not that Ms Rogier was responsible for it.

It is said she made scene at the SPCA at the time she was contacted by the media for her reaction to the news that her dog had been killed before Christmas. She went there to find out if it was true...would you not have done the same thing? Would you not have insisted on seeing your dog that the SPCA claimed was alive but you had been just told by the media was dead? I would...I would have stood there asking to speak to each level of management until someone gave me proof she was still there and alive! Since this was her only visit there and she was obviously devastated, why wouldn't she demand to see that her dog (that was there to be killed!) was alive?!

She is a loving dog owner who has made mistakes and is trying to correct those mistakes and save her dog. The only option for her is to fight for her pet, as HRM has clearly stated it's intent to kill Brindi. Only by going through this legal process can she be saved. No other options are on the table, and to propose anything different leaves Brindi at the mercy of HRM's needle (or do they still use gas?)!

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Posted by Wondering the secret on 03/08/2009 at 3:52 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

For someone who claims to "know" the truth, you continually fail to reveal the big secret to anyone! You set up a group with the objective being 'the truth' and other than the most recent links to articles and news reports there is NO different information in it than in the original Save Brindi group and blog. Other than some of the more recent links there's been NOTHING but attacks and hen clucking, along with people from that group going into Save Brindi SUPPORT group and posting links and leaving comments trying to incite trouble.

I have read every article, blog, judgement, and news report on this case and still support the dog going back to her owner. I've read every thing posted even in your sad group that attacks and is counter-productive to the release of Brindi, that is, until you closed the group this week so that people couldn't report the attacks (I read the group at first to see the 'truth' but I did not join the group as I was waiting for the truth to be revealed that would shock and appall us, it NEVER happened, nothing new was revealed!), but still I read every word in case there was something new to this that we don't already know. If there is a big secret to reveal please get on with revealing it...don't leave us in suspense. If we shouldn't be supporting this woman and her dog give us the information (and proof) so we can make an informed decision (which was supposed to be the purpose of this new group!).

As far as I've read the trainers have never come out publicly to renounce their support for Brindi and Francesa. I read it once in a blog (which anyone can post in under any name or anonymously!) and ,of course, continually in your counter-productive group, as if it's a fact. Kindly post the link for that public statement from those trainers. Otherwise stop stating it as a fact that can't be backed up. I'm sure the papers would be all over it if that juicy little tidbit were true!

The fence installed around this lady's yard is not chicken wire BTW. Chicken wire is a light weight wire that can be cut with scissors, this fence is a galvanized welded wire fence. Go to the hardware store and check out the fencing, it's a metal type of fencing that is frequently installed in construction sites, to form safety barriers, the type of fence that form the deer barriers along the highways. It's not quite as pretty as chain link but likely as sturdy. It will hold the strongest of dogs, deer or kids for that matter. This 'chicken wire' rumor is just the another example of what this opposing group is spewing.

This groups also seems to take exception to the fact that Francesca is not born Canadian. They question her right to protection under our laws and the right to use our justice system. As a Canadian military family about to be posted to the US, I sure hope my family can use their justice system and be protected by it should the need ever arise! There is the suggestion money laundering and various other wild accusations. They imply Francesca does not have local support because of the huge international support she has gotten?? (I don't know how that even makes sense, who do they think spread the word internationally? Surely not just Francesca!) She has huge support on Facebook with well over 4000 memebers and petitions with over 3000 signatures. This opposing group has around 100 members and a small petition made up of 75% non-Canadian signatures, guess they don't have the local support they claim either?

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Posted by Wondering the secret on 03/08/2009 at 12:54 PM

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