Women in Film in Atlantic Canada Showcase | The Bus Stop Theatre | Film Screening, Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.

Women in Film in Atlantic Canada Showcase

Featuring some of the region's most exciting directors including: Homard A Vie by Jenna Marks, Did They Know? by Emma Devost, Recipe for Love by Gwyneth Christoffel, Pose by Eva Madden, When You Sleep by Ashley McKenzie, Billington Prep by Claire Seringhaus, Hole in my Heart by Louise Lalonde, Andy and His Dummies by Sandi Rankaduwa, Micah and Me by Susan MacEachern, Tough Girls Don't Pull Hair by Zara Tufts, Stand Up and Be Funny by Hillary Titley, Must be a Zombie Apocalypse by Jana Gillis.

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