Winner’s Picks 2007 | You, the reader, chose your Best of Halifax, so we asked a few of your nominees who if they could offer other outstanding names in their categories… and others. | Editors' Picks

Best of Halifax

Winner’s Picks

You, the reader, chose your Best of Halifax, so we asked a few of your nominees who if they could offer other outstanding names in their categories… and others.

“Certainly Al Tuck,” says Joel Plaskett, of people who are Halifamous to him. “He’s famous in my world for his Halifax songs.” He also finds a few places Halifamous, for instance The Last Word Bookstore (2160 Windsor, 423-2932). “I go in and talk to Wayne when I’m home.” He also mentions his drummer, Dave Marsh---“I would consider him institutional to the Halifax-Dartmouth music scene.”--- and studio wizard and Super Friendz bassist Charles Austin. “They embody what I looked up to when I entered into music. And the Sloan guys I owe an enormous debt to.” In terms of his own recreational record buying, he says, “I haven’t gotten to Taz (1593 Market, 422-5976) in so long, but that to me is the ultimate. CD Plus is a great place as well.”

“I think we should give some shout outs to Mike Holmes for awesome local artist,” says Paul Hammond, of Best Visual Artists Yo Rodeo! “And I would say that the NSCAD Art Supply Store(1874 Hollis, 494-8176) is the best, nicest, friendliest art supply store in the city.” Quite the enthusiastic shout-out from Hammond, who happens to be an employee there. “You can say I’m biased, which I am.”

Trail runner, team leader and acting manager at Best Sporting Goods store MEC, Mike Cogdon isn’t shy about giving up the secret of where he enjoys his recreational running. “I do a lot of mine at Spider Lake over in Waverley. And the Bluff Trail out in Timberlea.” And why these trails in particular? “Proximity is the big thing. And they’re fun, single tracks.”

Best Local Filmmaker Jason Eisener ’s favourite DVD stores are CD Plus (1592 Barrington, 422-1599), and Music World (Mic Mac Mall, 21 MicMac Blvd, 465-8158). “Those places have sucked up my bank account. I’m getting up to 1,500 DVDs now. I’ve got to study them… they’re my film school.”

Though he considers himself pretty eclectic with stuff he likes, Neville of Best Flower Shop My Mother’s Bloomers gives props to Halifax Seed(5860 Kane, 454-7456). “There’s always something different there,” he says of the Halifax gardening institution. “For me as a florist, a gardener and business person, I like to go somewhere where they know what they’re talking about. And they know their shit.”

Susanne Saul, co-owner of Best Home Accessories Store and Best Furniture Store Attica, would like to give a shout-out to her hairdresser. “David Keoghan at Spirit Spa(5150 Salter, 431-8100). He always has such a professional approach. I think he’s the best colourist in the city, really great at doing natural colour.”

“I really don't have a lot of free time,” says Best Councillor Dawn Sloane. “But when I do have a day off I like to walk around taking photos in the downtown, especially at the Public Gardens, grab Sunday brunch at Mollyz(2104 Gottingen, 405-3376), check out the second-hand stores and antique shops on Agricola, south Barrington and in the downtown. Drop in to the Elephant's Eye (1727 Barrington, 420-1225) for soup and to Freak Lunchbox (1723 Barrington, 420-9151) for a sugar fix!” Sloane votes for the removal of cars from the Grand Parade as both one of the Best Ways to Improve The City and the Best Use of Taxpayer’s Money. And her vote for the Best Public Space: The North End Library (2285 Gottingen, 490-5723).

“We use Bones Body and Fender for auto body work,” says Derrick Munroe who works at Best Mechanic winner Todd’s South End Car Care. He also recommends Napa Auto Parts, and likes Apple Auto Glass (3200 Kempt, 455-0494) as a reliable glass repair service and as “a good bunch of guys.”

“There are plenty,” says Best Cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon of other local cartoonists he admires. “Mike DeAdder, Greg Perry, Pat Jollimore and The Coast's own Graham Pilsworth. Across Canada there are a number of truly great cartoonists who have influenced me over the years, but the cartoonist I admire the most right now is a guy named John Larter. He's a brilliant illustrator and tremendous wit who spent much of the ‘80s and ‘90s as the staff cartoonist for the Toronto Star.” MacKinnon prefers to get his art supplies locally at Loomis Art Store(1546 Barrington, 425-5566). “It's right around the corner from the *Herald *, and the staff there are great. I vote for Mia as friendliest staffer.”

One of Best Comics Store Strange Adventures owner Cal Johnston ’s favourite pastimes: a walk along the waterfront. Otherwise, he has eating on his mind, which we’ll have to remember for our Best of Food poll. “There’s a great hot dog guy who sets up at Piercey’s near Robie. He’s got great hot dogs and buns he gets from the Fancy Lebanese Bakery (2573 Agricola, 429-0400). Some of the best hot dogs in the city.”

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