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What's the worst thing you've ever done to get back at an ex? 

Readers spill on seeking vengeance after a brutal breakup.

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Revenge is a dish best served cold, and we had to bundle up to tabulate the results of one loaded question from our Sex + Dating Survey—"What's the worst thing you've ever done to get back at an ex?" Among the many angels who claimed they aren't "that kind of person" were a ton of scorned exes who needed to get icy in order to let it go. Here's a collection of some of Halifax's most interesting forms of payback.


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"I've never done anything revengeful to get back at an ex. I've made myself a better person after learning from each break up, and they can judge whether the break up was a mistake or not."

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"When she left me I though why should she leave me for a guy (found it was a few after she stopped having sex with me), so I started going after guys to find out what was so good. Trust me I now know and yes let her find out as had word get back to her that seeing she stopped having sex with me that she turned me bi/gay."

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"Nothing too crazy! Maybe just not backing down from going places he would be, all the while looking extra good and maybe having a date on my arm.

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"Nothing really major. Ditched an ex's stuff in the middle of Gottingen at night and told him to come get it within half an hour or my sister would leave it to whoever (he lived with parents 40 mins away, and being rich he assumed Gottingen was the worst place on earth)."

"Shamed him online and with his friends, family."

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"De-friended them on FB. Never talk to them again. Cut them off completely."

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"I also knew his FB password so would go on every week and add 5 random Chinese people, the more that accepted the more would be recommended. I think it confused the heck out him."

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"Nothing crazy, just some suggestive I may be hanging out with guys and having a blast Snap Chat stories."

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"I think the worst, and I didn't even do this myself, was when I was talking to some friends of mine about my boyfriend who had cheated on me my ex had called and they picked up the phone and said some very mean things to him."

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"Live my life the way I want to and looked hot doing it. Made sure to post all my exciting adventures without him. In turn, he ended up crying over me and wishing he hadn't left me. Sucker!"

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"I completely wipe their presence from my life and ignore them if I run into them. One tried to call me when I was drunk on my birthday once, and I mentioned my recent one night stands —my bff took the phone and half-apologized for me but advised him to never call again."

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"I'm on good terms with most exes. although I tried to stab one once. to be fair, he was an abusive prick."

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"Emailed his current girlfriend to let her know he's a cheater! (She thanked me eight months later when he did it to her.)"

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"After I passed out at a house party we hosted, he conveniently bedded my roommate instead! So when I heard the details in the AM I decided to show up at his place of work to attempt to make a scene, and call him out on his wandering one-eyed monstrous ways."

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