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What should we name the Halifax sewage plant?

  • The Halifax Harbour Poop Dome
  • The Gerald A. Regan Sewage Treatment Facility
  • The John M. Buchanan Crap Factory.
  • The John M. Buchanan Crap Factory.
  • The Peter Poopy pants and beach whistle factory
  • The Money Pit
  • The Money Shit
  • The Halifart Station
  • Shitstorm Central
  • Sloan Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Sanitary Harbour in Trust
  • Kelley is Smelly
  • The Brown Elephant
  • The Excrementorium
  • 'lil stinker
  • The Peter J. Kelly You Get What You Pay For Memorial Sewage (Non)Treatment Facility
  • Halifax Waste (of Money) Treatment Plant.
  • The Halifax Harbour 'Front'
  • The Halifax Seagull Food Mill
  • The Poop Pump
  • The Future of Tourism Highway
  • Kelly's Cloaca.
  • PK's Poopy Plant
  • The Halibummer Shack
  • The JSL (Just Shit Less) Sewage Plant
  • The Halifax Dump Depot
  • A Few Pieces of Useless Shit.
  • Peter's Phewy Pooper Scooper
  • Professor P. J. Cornucopia‚Äôs Fantastic Sewermagorium and Great Canadian Stinkery
  • The Smelly Kelly Pump-a-Dump
  • Commonwealth Games Aquatic Centre
  • Moncton
  • Stinky Hollow
  • The Community Poo
  • Stephen Harper Institution of sewage Treatment.
  • The Economy Poop Shop
  • a "little of cape briton,closer to you" memoral sewage plant
  • Kelly's Potable Floatables
  • Backupincan Palace
  • Shithouse Rock
  • Dexter's Lavatory
  • The Dump Trumpet
  • The Halifax Trick or Treatment Sewage Plant
  • Hitler
  • Kelly's Folly
  • Halifax Fecal Point

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