New year, same you

New year, same you

In a month full of purging and cleansing, it’s time to resist the idea our bodies need to be corrected.
January, arguably more than any month of the year, is when we are the most focused on ourselves.

Five ways to break a winter sweat

Choked by the price of gyms in this town? Here’s how to move your bod for free or cheap this winter.

High-speed connection

In a era of online over-sharing and follow requests, it’s both harder and easier to nurture and nix friendships.
My first breakup happened the summer before grade nine.

What exactly is forest bathing?

Turns out the best medicine for exhaustion, burn out and existential dread is heading into the wild.
You're stressed, over-caffeinated and filled with an existential dread whenever you check the news or your to-do list.

How to explore your way towards a happier, healthier sex life

Get what you really really want this year
In January, it's common to hear friends and family talking about the ways they want to get healthier: Starting therapy or eating an apple for every slice of pizza.

Six ways to stay warm and chill out this winter

Turn up, wind down, bliss out.
Sauna Nova Scotia Sauna Nova Scotia’s Erica and Devin Brook built their mobile sauna with Nova Scotian winters in mind. And after spending some time as a roving, wood-fired source of self-care and socializing, they’ve parked in Musquodoboit Harbour, teaming up with Worthington Place Oceanside rentals, meaning if you want to turn your sweaty session into a full-on retreat from the city, you can.

Fat is not a failure

Combat January’s onslaught of diet dialogue with this bootcamp in body positivity.
The new year symbolizes a fresh start, a chance to shrug off last year's bad choices.

What I learned from living a bigger life in a smaller space

Less is best.
I blame Marie Kondo. I was sitting on the kitchen floor, surrounded by kitchen utensils.

The neuroscience of ritual

The key to your everyday badassery could be in seemingly simple repetitive actions.
I t’s the pour-over coffee/unicorn mug/crossword routine that starts your morning, and those lucky underwear you put on when your team is in the playoffs.

Noon Hoops is anyone's game

Herb Gamberg’s been hosting Noon Hoops—a sweaty, social, four-on-four tournament—every weekday for 47 years.
“Game!” a booming voice yells out with a hint of pride laced with exhaustion.

Bliss out with our Well Being Guide

Our no-pressure guide to making more time to take care of yourself

Get happy with the Well Being Guide

The Maritime Bhangra Group, simple self-care, fun fitness and money management apps

The Maritime Bhangra Group is positively powerful

Spreading happiness, one contagiously cheery viral video at a time.
Hasmeet Singh Chandok is an unabashed optimist.

Six ways to LOL and get swole

Physical activity doesn’t always have to be serious business, and goal setting. Here’s how to have Maritime Bhangra-levels of fun while moving your bod.
Aquacize Centennial Pool, 1970 Gottingen Street Fitness, in a pool.

The bod squad: 6 ways to connect with your body

Worship your temple with these local wellness experiences.

Bills, bills, bills: lessons from living on a cash diet

How I adapted the cash diet to avoid social over-spending.
The cash diet is a familiar term for those of us who are fans of the Can-con reality show Till Debt Do Us Part.

Work hard for the money: 5 financial resources to check out

A debt destroying personal finance blogger recommends apps and other resources to manage your spending and saving.
Managing your money used to mean sitting down at the kitchen table with your paper bills and chequebook—not anymore.

Four meaningful, do-able ways to DIY self-care

Pedicures and charcoal masks aren’t the only way to treat yourself.
In a culture in which the answer to "How are you doing?" has become a rushed humblebrag about being busy, it's no surprise self-care has become a hot topic.

Busy Haligonians on how they relax

Master multi-taskers offer up their secrets to finding me-time.
ROSS SIMMONDS A digital marketing strategist, writer and speaker and the founder behind local start-ups Hustle & Grind and Crate HOW I RELAX I don’t buy that I’ll ever have balance, so to speak, but it’s about striking that balance for you and the people around you.

Up and at ’em

Reasons to get up at the crack of dawn and make the most of your day while everyone else is still snoozing.
5:30am Lane swim, Canada Games Centre, 26 Thomas Raddall Drive If you’re still rubbing the sleep from your eyes, a dip into this chlorine bath should help wake you up. Swim lengths of Clayton Park’s amazing competition-sized pool in the wee hours (5:30-9:45am), Monday through Friday.

5 apps to help you be the best you

Download your way to self-improvement.
Between Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, the latest annoying game you’re playing and your Facebook updates—it’s a wonder if you have any time left over to spring clean your life. That’s where these apps come in, proving self-improvement doesn’t have to be boring or hard.


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