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Re: “A second opinion on tax reforms

I see where it says "family physician" in the article but that doesn't necessarily mean this Doctor is operating at or within a family practice which is the issue and sees the same patients on a regular long term basis.

We can't afford to lose that.

Patients with serious lifelong need to see a Doctor at a Family Practice cannot see 10 different doctors a year at a walk in clinic and expect the same care.

It's just not possible to get the same care out of multiple doctors over years than it is to get out of one doctor over years.

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Posted by warrenwesson on 09/30/2017 at 8:21 AM

Re: “A second opinion on tax reforms

"Will you be impacted personally by any of the proposed changes?
I will not be because I did make a decision not to incorporate."

To the writer of the article .. I was wondering if it was possible to clarify .. is this a Family Doctor, ( incorporated) or a Duty Doctor at a walk in clinic. ( not incorporated).

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Posted by warrenwesson on 09/30/2017 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Over 150 years of absolute bullshit

Nova Scotia School for the Deaf and the Shelburne Reform School for Boys could make this list I would think.

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Posted by warrenwesson on 07/02/2017 at 6:52 PM

Re: “Poverty issues takes centre stage at Dartmouth Centre forum

The public housing model , like say a Uniacke Square and others like it. It is dead and I didn't kill it.

There is a new model. Mixed housing. This is the way it's been done for the last six years.
The NDP brought it in.

There has not been public housing built in 23 years and never will be again,

It has nothing to to do with me being a "fan" or "not "fan" .

I am categorically against rent control and the unintended consequences of creating slums. . I said that as unamiguously as possible.

Municipal Capital Grants (e.g Lowering Building Fees & Permits ) with funding from the Provincial and Federal Goverments and the Private Sector will do that as well as building up our seconodary suites and other stock such as rooming houses and emergency shelters.

As well as I mentioned creating By Laws to make that all possible.

That's how we are going to get to alll the "rent control" and affordable housing we will ever need. And tax revenue later.

Not big unstatinable bills that leaves us without the stock we need eventually again.

Guaranteed cheap units that generate tax dollars long term. Revenue stream.

No huge long term maintenance bills for taxpayers.

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Posted by warrenwesson on 09/26/2016 at 4:15 PM

Re: “15 questions with District 5 candidate Warren Wesson

www.warrenwesson.ca is another way I can be reached. Thanks .. and thanks again Jacob for the opportunity.

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Posted by warrenwesson on 09/22/2016 at 10:35 AM

Re: “A tragic loss of life is never
“business as usual”

Create a recipe for success.

This notion "well it wasn't random ... so don't worry about it" is a killer. There are many so called "random acts of killing" in North America where the shooter and victims knew each other.

This attitude simply allows us to go back to sleep until it happens again.

At the last HEMDCC I brought up Joey Cameron. Afterwards there were people approaching me with "their version of events" and all I could think was, "well did you go to the police?"

They had no idea but they had a story. A story that would help them believe that something like this could never happen to their kid.

The HRM , we are small enough community, we can do something about this. There are lot's of reasons we probably won't, but no good ones.

We can have a coordinated comprehensive youth engagement strategy.

Bring the love to them.

Take the existing programs and coordinate them.

The police are now running Youth Live and the Youth Advocacy Program.

How effective might we say that is?

On paper we've saved money per young person but in the big story could we not expand this region wide and involve more civilians? Trained professional civilians? Art teachers? Cooking instructors? Music teachers? Basketball coaches? Psychologists?

Do we think youth feel comfortable dealing with the police when they know criminals in their peer group will likely never see inside a court room?

How do we think this culture of silence grew to such a thunderous volume?

And is it not possible this gaping hole in our society would allow less kids develop into killers if we brought the love?
Not the stick, hand cuffs and cages?

We created something youth wanted to be part of , in a large way. An attractive way. That trumped the lord of the flies mentality we've left them to today? Essentially to fend for themselves.

We don't need another round table on crime.
We don't need another half a million dollar study to tell us we're doing everything we can and crime went down 1% last year so the police are doing a great job.

I know the police are doing what they can, everything. But they are police you see.

More police will not make one bit of difference to the attitude and the long term prognosis for youth in our community.

Let's say yes to our youth. Let's initiate a youth engagement strategy through our community centers.

One in every district.
Open up an area twenty four hours a day , 365 days a year and have activities for youth who don't want to be in trouble but have no options.

Watch this now frightened almost invisible crowd grow.

Become attractive.

Watch youth want to be a part of the community when we start giving the respect we expect.

‪#‎WESOP‬ Warren Wesson - Alive in District 5

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Posted by warrenwesson on 04/22/2016 at 8:53 AM

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Re: “Burrito Jax, Blowers Street

5 Stars for great service everytime and a good product @ fair price. Thank heavens it's not just Pizza and more Pizza downtown anymore when you have a growl on.

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Posted by warrenwesson on 03/03/2011 at 4:10 PM

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