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Wark turning optimist? 

I may have been misunderstanding Bruce Wark's editorials in the past, but "Diagnosis psychosis" (Upfront, Jan. 24) strikes me as a departure from his unrelenting thrashing of all things smacking of establishment might. Sure, there is the usual caustic tallying of frightful statistics, of attacking scandalous waste by bureaucrats and of exposing greedy exploitation by multinationals. Still, I cannot help but notice the conciliatory undertone of "...granted, our health system isn't perfect," suggesting that riding and embracing the positive momentum of effective care may lead to steadily improving solutions. Putting the costs of health care in perspective with overall spending on private automobile use is a useful reality check---according to my own back-of-the envelope doodling, his numbers make sense.

Let's stop the doom and gloom clamouring, accept what we have, be mindful of shortcomings and spiralling costs; and let's read, think and act toward incremental improvements---which may lead to the proverbial tipping point. I can say this from the bottom, the core of my heart: Not only have I toiled lobbying for computerised patient records as a representative of a (multinational) IT company in the dark ages of that field and observed the creeping expansion of that health juggernaut from my own kitchen, I wouldn't be writing this today without the exceptionally well-functioning emergency care available even in rural Nova Scotia. In this spirit, I would like to thank all the Nova Scotian medical professionals and support workers who kept me alive---thank you! And, Bruce---do I sense a softening of the deep-seated personal anger that often seems to fuel your arguments? If yes, I am with you---and let's ride that wave crest. And, don't forget, this metaphor applies to all other core themes in life...please stay tuned!

By Ulrich Lobsiger

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