Halifax hosts Day of Rage in protest against West Bank annexation

No Justice on Stolen Land brings together Black, Indigenous and Palestinian activists to "fight the injustices that have existed for too long in every part of the world."
On July 1, Palestinian land, identity and culture will once again be threatened with brute force by Israel through the planned annexation of the West Bank. The annexation, slated to take place this Wednesday, has been widely condemned by the international community.

No extension for eviction ban puts Halifax's renters at risk

Renters in Halifax don't have the support and protection they need from government.
Renters in Halifax are getting a bad deal.

Cliff Robinson is one of Halifax's essential workers—COVID or no COVID

Mainline Needle Exchange provides life-saving services 365 days of the year.
On my way to work one morning during the pandemic, I had to pick up some naloxone kits for the hotel that is providing transitional housing to people reentering the community from provincial correctional facilities.

MDMA likely laced with fentanyl leads to overdose and death in Halifax

Harm reduction needs to include youth—just saying no to drugs isn’t enough.
The city of Halifax mourns this week after the fatal overdose of 15-year-old Miya Harris.

Canada should require more than a Grade 12 education for police and RCMP officers

At minimum, police should know the history of the communities they’ll have power over.
The RCMP is in the midst of conducting a criminal investigation of the country’s deadliest mass shooting, which began in Portapique, Nova Scotia April 18, 2020.

Ocean's Week Halifax kicks off online

Trivia, a virtual fish dissection and a keynote address with Future Ancestors
As if it was preordained, the United Nations theme for World Oceans Week 2020 is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean”. While the UN likely chose this theme to highlight the new and exciting ocean technologies that are changing the way scientists understand the ocean (including underwater sampling gliders captained by Dalhousie University here in the North West Atlantic), in these unprecedented times, innovation has a new meaning.

Nova Scotians are still dying from the overdose crisis

On the national day of action, activists are calling for a safe drug supply, decriminalization of drugs and more.
Just as Nova Scotia tries its best to contain COVID, and Canada’s largest mass killing in recent history leaves 22 people dead from an unimaginable act of violence, there are other tragedies that have been swept under the rug amid the chaos. Canada’s overdose crisis continues to claim the lives of our neighbours and friends—on a daily basis I deal with the devastation of preventable deaths.

Call it by its name: Misogynist violence

Femicides disproportionately occur in non-urban areas in Canada—pretending that last weekend's killings were a freak accident won't stop it from happening again.
Nova Scotians are spending the weekend with heavy hearts as they mourn the loss of 22 innocent people in one of the worst mass shootings in our country’s history.

Voice of The City: Abuse and violence thrive in isolation and silence

Canadian's Battered Women’s Support Services hotline has seen a 300 percent increase in calls because of COVID,
The first person to die from a COVID-19-related death in Nova Scotia was not someone who contracted the virus.

For those incarcerated with their babies, COVID-19 puts two generations in peril

Restrictions for COVID-19 containment in prisons will be harder on women and trans/nonbinary parents. Now is the time for their decarceration.
Yesterday, we heard two prisoners at the Nova Institution federal prison for women in Truro were awaiting results on COVID-19 tests.

Voice of the city: Making the case for play

School won't be back in session until at least May 1, so Crystal Watson says "let your kids rediscover what was normal: leave them alone and let them play."
For many adults, the pressure is on since children are out of school—and will be until at least May 1.

Voice of The City: Exposing privilege during a pandemic

Advocating for social justice should not stop because of COVID-19—it should get stronger.
  In the past couple of weeks, Canadians have watched earnestly as COVID-19 developments rippled across the country and around the world.

Surviving Canada’s overdose crisis under the shadow of COVID-19

Politicians have shown they have the means to act swiftly on harm reduction measures, why now and not earlier?
In the midst of two public health outbreaks, we seem to be forgetting about the overdose crisis, which has taken over 14,000 of the most marginalized and vulnerable lives in Canada.

Nova Scotia passes bubble zone law

Intimidation and protests outside abortion service providers no longer allowed in the province
Although access to reproductive-health care, specifically abortion, is a hard-fought right protected by the Canada Health Act, we know that there continues to be barriers to that access.

DJ OKAY TK has deleted his Netflix account. Why you should too

Binge watching was getting in the way of his creative productivity, so he cut the metaphorical cord.
After three years of countless documentaries and 178 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I'd had enough.

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