OPS opposition and government inaction in Halifax's addiction services

OPS opposition and government inaction in Halifax's addiction services

When ‘Not in my backyard’ deserves critical consideration
I am a white, privileged, female physician who has never injected drugs. 

Apartment hunting in Halifax is the worst

After 14 failed applications, a move off the peninsula and a broken fridge, how one renter became a buyer.
When I moved to Halifax in 2007, the first apartment I went to see was a $750 bachelor in the south end with no windows.

What Canada can do to help the Hong Kong protesters

An open letter from a group of Hong Kongers living in Halifax.
In a little while it will be over.

Lisa Cameron tells us how to get ahead of our bad bosses

With the Worker's Action Centre and the fight for $15
With low-wage and precarious work on the rise, many workers in Halifax are struggling to maintain decent employment while sustaining themselves and their families.

Dear Halifax developers: be more creative

“The city sacrifices a lot when it tries to become something it’s not.”
Halifax Regional Council has recently approved a slew of developments within the downtown, south end and Quinpool areas of the city.

Why Nova Scotia is the perfect place to fight for climate justice

From 7,400 kilometres of coastline to hundreds of climate warriors, we’ve got what it takes.
Nova Scotia is a perfect battleground for the fight for climate justice.

Finding a place and a voice as a queer PoC artist

Creating confrontational and vulnerable artwork that describes my queer and mixed-race identities is a priority
Iam a white-passing Japanese Canadian queer cis-woman born and raised in the north end.

Why Halifax’s Cornwallis should follow Montreal’s lead on the path to reconciliation

He should get “the full glare of history’s penetrating light.”
The Mohawk word atateken, meaning "relatives" or, loosely, "brothers and sisters," suggests equality and fraternity among peoples.

Halifax’s Sudanese community speaks out in support of pro-democracy protesters and martyrs

“If it was up to Sudanese people, they would proudly continue until the last martyr falls.”
The Sudanese community in Halifax has been reeling over the events happening back home.

The difference between period poverty and universal access for low-income Haligonians

Acknowledging that menstural products should be treated like toilet paper is good. Eliminating period poverty is better
A s the clock approaches 8pm, your long and tedious work day is coming to a close. You can soon head home to help your children with their homework and tuck them into bed.

Celebrating Oceans Week and the women making waves

Thirty-eight percent of ocean researchers are women
As proud Nova Scotians if I asked you what the slogan of our province's license plate was, without missing a beat I'd expect you to say "Canada's ocean playground."

Community Health Centres

The missing ingredient for effective primary care in Nova Scotia
Improving support for physicians in Nova Scotia is an important component of solving the province's current healthcare woes.

Calling on the federal government to do better for refugee and asylum seekers

Goups troubled by the “tough on immigration” message call out MP Andy Filmore to do more

T he Liberal government is already gearing up for the fall elections by sending a troubling "tough on immigration" message.

Rugby taught me: My body is good. My body is athletic.

What we stand to lose when we make short-sighted decisions about sports for young women.
L ast week, the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation announced it was pulling high school rugby, mid-season, with no warning and I'm assuming, without any idea of the uproar it was setting off.

Time for a second look at Alton Gas

Will our new environment minster reconsider water protection?
L ast week, news came down that we have a new environment minister: Gordon Wilson has replaced Margaret Miller.

Time for Canada’s own green new deal

The pressure is on to avoid climate catastrophe. What can we do about it?
We have just 11 years to cut global emissions in half in order to avoid climate catastrophe.

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