Ursula Johnson’s big win

Ursula Johnson’s big win

The first-ever Atlantic Canadian Sobey Art Award winner talks culture and (dis)comfort
"It's strange, you know, thinking about this idea of 'the first,'" says Ursula Johnson.

The multi-grained Veronica Post

The Halifax woodworker is getting more women into her chosen craft through education and example.
Woodworker Veronica Post knows she's a woman in a male-dominated field, but doesn't let her gender overshadow her work.

Nocturne 2017: Shimmer and shine

The 10th annual Art at Night is an amazing act of slow magic that unfolds across the city Saturday evening.
On Saturday, October 14, the 10th annual Nocturne: Art at Night casts its light across Halifax and Dartmouth for an evening of innovative, immersive, interactive installations. Featuring over 100 exhibitions across five zones, you’ve got just six hours on Saturday to soak up all the culture you can.


Transitus theatre company creates a theatrical choose-your-own-adventure at Northwood.
Exhibit 411, Northwood, 2615 Northwood Terrace "A lot of the work I do is movement-based," says Alexis Milligan, the choreographer, actor, director and creator of Transitus, a theatre company that aims to explore how art is used as a communication tool.

Folded River

Part of a lifelong study of place, Alex Balkam’s immersive cinema experience lets you step right into it.
Exhibit 400, Common Roots Urban Farm, Bell Road at Robie Street In Folded River, artist Alex Balkam's creative process is mined to create an immersive piece of expanded cinema.

Watch Us Vanish

Andrea Puszkar and Marla Benton do what they can in support of dying right whales.
Exhibit 315, Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design, 1096 Marginal Road The average right whale weighs between 54 and 72 tonnes; at Nocturne you'll be given a pound of clay to make your own.

Opera From Scrap

Building a brand-new opera in one night, with Janice Jackson and Arianne Pollet-Brannen.
Exhibit 304, RBC Waterside Centre, 1871 Upper Water Street This interactive opera will require audience participation: A collaboration between performer Janice Isabel Jackson and visual artist Arianne Pollet-Brannen, Opera from Scrap is a durational performance whereby an opera, a character and a costume will be constructed out of scraps throughout the night.

Long and White, ‘the road twists like a snake toward the far-off blue places’

Sarah Burwash celebrates the uncertain in an hypnotic animated piece.
Exhibit 303, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, 1675 Lower Water Street In Long and White, 'The road twists like a snake toward the far-off blue places', artist Sarah Burwash's animation takes us down a strange and looping path, causing us to wonder, "Have I been here before?"

Striving for Light-Based Connections

Highlighting history—overt and hidden—via Mark Hines’ uphill beam.
Exhibit 203, NSCAD Academy Building, 5163 Duke street and Citadel Hill A spotlight may bring particularly theatric or cinematic scenes to mind: Bright movie lights or a single beam illuminating a soloist on stage.

Revisionist Landscapes: Luminary Forestation

The Young Naturalists Club offers paper trees in a communal, symbolic reforestation effort.
Exhibit 136, Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street In this interactive piece, viewers are invited to assist in reconstructing a forest by travelling the city with paper lanterns.

Wait Outside with Your Necklaces On

Turning a violent incident into a shared experience, Martha Cooley’s roving A/V exhibition aims to connect.
Exhibit 117, Public Gardens, 5665 Spring Garden Road A decade ago, Martha Cooley was mugged in the city.


A dance piece led by Ursula Johnson draws attention to the unseen labour of landmark maintenance.
Exhibit 108, Public Gardens 5665 Spring Garden Road With this year's group of anchor artists all working to activate the Public Gardens, Ursula Johnson and collaborators will be kicking up dust along the gravel paths encircling Griffin Pond.


Habiba El-Sayed creates both a doorway and a barrier at the gates of the Public Gardens.
Exhibit 105, Public Gardens, 5665 Spring Garden Road The wrought-iron gates of Halifax's Public Gardens are an icon in the city's landscape, but for Nocturne anchor artist Habiba El-Sayed, they also stand as a fruitful metaphor for decolonization.


A world-roaming storytelling city pops up in Dartmouth.
Exhibit 500, Ferry Terminal Park, 88 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth We typically understand a trophy to be something awarded with success, something you collect with an achievement or milestone, but for the organizers and participants of Trophy, these milestones may take less positive, but equally as important forms.

Review: Works by Mario Doucette

The Acadian artist sketches historical events with fantastical flair.
Works by Mario Doucette Anna Leonowens Gallery 1891 Granville Street To Oct 7 If history is a set of lies agreed upon, as Napoleon Bonaparte once said, then artists have long been complicit in those lies.

//RESPONSIVE’s light entertainment

//RESPONSIVE: International Light Art Project brings international work to town.

Photopolis snaps happy

Halifax’s triennial photography festival happens all October long, and here are some events that earn the early bird award.

Nocturne turns 10

Nocturne: Art at Night celebrates a decade of pure art magic this October.

47 must-see visual art exhibitions this fall

Get thinking, get looking, get listening and get experiencing art right now with our preview of everything for your eyes this fall.

Review: AgitProp: Soviet Propaganda, 1905-1945 at SMU Art Gallery

Nazis getting poked in the eye will always be satisfying.
AgitProp: Soviet Propaganda, 1905-1945 Through July 30 Saint Mary's University Art Gallery Loyola Building, 5865 Gorsebrook Avenue

Eyelevel Gallery’s Food for Thoughts talks about fatness

Geneviève Brideau and Parker Houghtaling “hope to centre a multi-sensory experience in their talk.”
Geneviève Brideau & Parker Houghtaling, ARTFAT—Taking our fat bodies back from the clutches of semiotics Sunday, July 23, 2pm If you self-identify as QTBIPOC, POC and LGBTQ2SIA+, and want to sign up, email  fun@eyelevelgallery.ca 

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