For The Khyber, for us all

For The Khyber, for us all

The Turret Arts Space Society's mission? To remake 1588 Barrington Street into the accessible art hub downtown needs.
Emily Davidson sits, folded over on herself, in a corner on the third floor of 1588 Barrington Street.

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia chooses its winning design

The design by Jordan Bennett and Lorraine Whitman's team will be built over what's now a parking lot on Salter Street.
When Joni Mitchell sang that “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone/Paved paradise, put up a parking lot,” she forgot one thing: Paradise could be rebuilt over that dead field of asphalt. 

Our collective art beat

The best thing to happen in visual arts this year? There were too many choose.
“Art helps us: In connecting with art, we connect with each other, we orient ourselves in time,” says sound artist and Nocturne 2020 curator Lindsay Dobbin.

Nocturne 2020: Drying The Tears of a Butterfly

Nocturne curator Lindsay Dobbin on why artist Mike MacDonald’s legacy will live forever.
Touched By The Tears of a Butterfly

Nocturne 2020: Mo Phùng’s memory Migration

The photographer recreates family snapshots to delve into the layers of their identity.
Migration & (RE)Emergence: The Herring, Clouds And The Blue Sky

Nocturn'd up

Our guide to making the most of the epic visual arts festival.
Nocturne 2020 Oct 12-17 Various locations and What a gift it is that, when we needed a dose of what only art can give us, the usual one-night festival that is Nocturne has stretched into a multi-day celebration of beauty, magic and belief—both online and off.

Nocturne 2020: Marie-Soleil Provençal wastes not, wants lots

“I realized how much waste I was producing as an artist.”
Shoreline 2099

Nocturne 2020: Mo Drescher and Liliona Quarmyne cross the distance

A powerhouse art duo brings questions of connection to Nocturne.
f e e l i n g d i s t a n c e

Nocturne 2020: I'thandi Munro's parking impass

How a collection of ticketed fines became an art installation against systemic issues.
Wejku’agamit > Owed

Nocturne 2020: Ingrid Waldron is changing the tides

The world-leading researcher on environmental racism shares her message with art.
Meeting Waters: Cross-Cultural Collaborations on Environmental Racism Wed Oct 14, 7-9pm Zoom, details and links at Dr. Ingrid Waldron never expected to have an exhibit at Nocturne.

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia unveils three potential designs for its new location

The new Waterfront Arts District will unveil its finalized look this October.
Right now, at 1723 Hollis Street, over 10,000 paintings, sculptures and works of art have their bags packed, ready to go. They're waiting, fingers drumming, until it's time to get moving.

Bria Miller's archive of art

Through a creative process that's both like a diary and a public record, Miller captures what it's like to be alive in 2020—one digital pen stroke at a time.
If the aim of art is to hold a mirror to society, no one has polished a surface more reflective, streak-free and detail-catching than Halifax’s Bria Miller.

Wonder’neath it all

The collaboration 2482 Maynard provides a new path forward for the Wonder’neath Art Society—and for Halifax’s visual art community at large.
In north end Halifax, there is a place where magic lives. A place where community is built over a work table.

Paintings, by the numbers: An exploration of Cliff Eyland's Library Cards

We break down what makes the Central Library's giant mixed-media work so wonderful.
At some point when you walk into the Halifax Central Library, you’ll feel your neck crane, as if it’s working independently of the rest of you.

Five opportunities for visual artists in Halifax

Uplevel your skills and portfolio while wait out the art world's return.
Sure, the difficulty of making money as an artist is nothing new—Oscar Wilde's painter protagonist complains about it in his 1890 novel The Picture of Dorian Grey—but just as the novel coronavirus has underscored many things we all knew with a renewed urgency, it isn't easy to be a creative right now.

Because we still need art to live, the Sobey Art Award's long list just dropped

Each of the 25 nominees gets a $25,000 purse.
While every April the Sobey Art Award (the biggest prize in Canadian art) crowns new royalty with the release of its long list, 2020 feels a little different: This year, the jury behind the prize is forgoing its usual five-artist shortlist and corresponding exhibition. Instead, for the first time ever, everyone on the jury-selected long list of 25 Canadian artists will receive a $25,000 purse (and equal bragging rights).

Emily Lawrence's likeable feast

The foodie-brained artist is back with another project for you to chew on.
The world of Dartmouth-based artist Emily Lawrence feels like a pastel-filled, Betty Crocker spin on Willy Wonka’s factory: Her work is a visual feast (pun fully intended) as she makes portraits of people’s favourite desserts and lines gallery walls with tiny, climbing shrimp tails and petit-fours.

Three decades of wear-withal

The anniversary of the student-run Wearable Art Show proves there’s more to fashion than getting dressed.
The Wearable Art Show Feb 28, 6-8pm & 9-11pm The Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street $10/$20

New Art 2020

Eight rising artists creating the fresh works you need to know about this year.
Lindsay Dobbin: Where sound meets space Lindsay Dobbin has always expressed themself through art, so picking a start date of their practice causes them to pause.

Review: Catching Gut Feelings

A showcase of emerging artists shows what magic awaits when you lean into your instincts.
Gut Feeling to Mar 15 , Tue-Fri 11am-5pm, Sat-Sun noon-5pm Dalhousie Art Gallery, 6101 University Avenue, Lower Level free

First look: Eyelevel Artist Run Centre & Bookstore

Witness the artist centre’s triumphant return to Gottingen Street.
Eyelevel Artist Run Centre & Bookstore Tue-Fri noon-5pm 2177 Gottingen Street

Halifax sees the Venezuela diaspora remember what it has lost with new Khyber show

Memorial: Work by Venezuelan Diaspora Artists sees artists like Camila Salcedo reflect on their complicated relationships to where they're from.
Seven emerging Venezuelan diaspora artists are bringing their art to Halifax this week. Their pieces touch on themes of loss and memory as a result of being disp

Reid K. White and the art of the everyday

Meet the man behind the north end’s most life-affirming street art.
We're all familiar with tourist tchotchkes—those mass printed trinkets you suspect have the city names swapped out all over the eastern seaboard, lobster beer cozies, "Grandma went to [insert town here] and all I got was this t-shirt" t-shirts.

Francesca Omolara Ekwuyasi moves from Penance to reconciliation

The artist cuts her own path to healing during her Khyber residency.
Screening and reception: Penance and Reconcile Nov 28 The Khyber, 1880 Hollis Street 6:30-9:30pm free

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