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Lauren Oostveen

A public relations grad from Mount Saint Vincent, Oostveen has a double-barrelled Twitter feed---one for professional reasons and one personal.

For two years she was the marketing and communications officer for the Nova Scotia Archives, which includes tweets about the Archive website.

"I'll go on there a couple times daily, I'll pick a couple photos to post. It might be a This Day in History kind of thing," she says. "Recently I've been posting old pictures of the Spring Garden Road library because it's been in the news."

Other recent tweets have linked to images of Ronald Reagan's visit to Halifax in 1948. The archives also have an enormous collection of Halifax during wartime images, something to keep in mind for Remembrance Day.

Away from her day job, Oostveen is a hardcore culture junkie who started on Twitter in spring of 2007, far before the recent craze. "Going to the Mount and studying PR I had an edge up in terms of this social media stuff," she says. She keeps her personal account pretty separate from work, commenting on Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Day and providing links to terrible covers of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" on YouTube.

"It's gotten me in touch with local people I wouldn't have necessarily known," she says about Twitter.

The NS Archives Twitter feed can be found at and Oostveen's personal feed is

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