How you can help Halifax Transit make the buses run on time

Video: The second chapter of our bus investigation.
If you liked The Force Awakens and are wondering what excellent sequel to watch next, you're in luck.

Two new water taxis give you the keys to Halifax Harbour

Video report: From McNabs Island to Bedford, it's all yours.
There are lots of benefits to not using your harbour as a toilet. While Olympic sailors are getting scared about Rio's crappy water, Halifax's clean harbour is enabling business start-ups.

Why are Halifax Transit buses always running late?

This video explainer looks at one of the biggest reasons.
One late bus can ruin your day, and your relationship with Halifax Transit. That long wait in the rain, the blown appointment, a bus that you missed because it went early—these are more powerful memories than the smooth trips, so it seems like the buses are always late.

Why do people still hate cyclists?

The biggest obstacle to getting on your bike can be everyone else on the road.
When you’re a pedestrian, you hate drivers.

How to keep your skirt down when bike riding

Fashionable, flash-free cycling.
If you like wearing dresses, and you like cycling, chances are you’ve probably unintentionally flashed a few bystanders. Maybe you’re into that sort of thing, but for those that aren’t there are luckily some solutions.

Winter biking and Halifax: the nightmare, the video

The trouble with two wheels in the snowy city.
It takes a special kind of person to keep biking through a Halifax winter. "If you’re not really experienced and not really confident, you will probably die."

Why isn’t this city more pedestrian-friendly?

A beginner’s guide for making Halifax a better place to walk.
When Halifax police released their latest annual report on pedestrian and vehicle collisions last month, the headlines focused on one number: the 55 percent jump in accidents since last year.

The simple fix for saving cyclist lives

Side guards for trucks could be mandatory, but they’re not.
A simple piece of equipment could prevent cyclist and pedestrian deaths, but it's not mandatory in Halifax, and is unlikely to be anytime soon.

Halifax Transit’s problems are more than buses.

Dependable and painless transit can exist in Halifax, says citizen’s group. It just potentially won’t.
A good transit map is identifiable, elegant.

Stranded by Halifax Transit

Wheelchair user says bus system needs to up its safety game.
A wheelchair user and frequent transit critic is again calling out Halifax Transit after he says the bus system stranded him in Dartmouth overnight. Last month Daniel J. Towsey took the bus out to Maynard Lake to photograph the sunset.

Halifax taxis turn to tech

Cab companies using GPS and apps, considering video cameras after spate of dangerous incidents
After a series of scary cab reports in Halifax this month, taxi companies are turning to tech to increase safety for passengers and drivers.

Halifax needs protected bike lanes

Check out our video demonstration. The proof is in the watching.
Lots of Haligonians are scared to ride their bikes more, because our streets are built for cars. And as any local bureaucrat can tell you, it's totally impossible to change the streets now.

It's More Than Buses gets idea's moving

The end of a three part series of sessions brings brainstorms to life.
Twice this summer the Planning & Design Centre and Fusion Halifax brought together transit experts and community members to talk about the future of public transportation in our fair city. These weren't just little chit chats, they got the attention of about 100 participants who put their heads together to come up with some guiding principles for transit, and then they mapped out some of their ideas for possible transit networks.

Dartmouthians duped via Bridge Terminal bait-and-switch

In a multi-million dollar exercise in bait-and-switch, renewed plans for an expanded Bridge Terminal lack all the design aspects that won over community support last year. In early 2010, Metro Transit announced it wanted to expand the terminal by paving over six acres of land on the Dartmouth Common designated as the Wilderness Park.

Missing the bus

14 older workhorse articulated buses retired as part of metro's transit expansion plan.
It was a big deal when 14 Nova Bus articulated buses---the "double" buses, with a hinge in the middle---showed up on the streets of Halifax in 1993. "We weren't sure they'd be able to handle the hills," says Metro Transit's Lori Patterson.

Metro transit plan for waterfront bus

Bus planned this summer for Terminal Road, NSCAD's Port Campus and the new Farmers' Market.
Bus service is a possibility this summer for Terminal Road, NSCAD's Port Campus, the new Farmers' Market and the new Nova Scotia Power site on the Halifax waterfront. Eddie Robar, Metro Transit's manager of planning and development, says the transit service will propose a waterfront route to city council in April.

Bus to the airport gets green light

Problem is, MetroX bus procurement's on a milk run. Airport service can't be implemented until spring of 2011.
An airport bus appears to be coming after all. Mention of the airport bus was left off the Five-Year Transit Plan delivered to council a few weeks ago, but a separate staff report submitted to council this week says the airport bus is in the works.

Province still dedicated to highway construction

The provincial government last week approved starting appropriation proceedings to acquire 38 hectares near Timberlea, land needed to build Highway 113.
The provincial government last week approved starting appropriation proceedings to acquire 38 hectares near Timberlea, land needed to build Highway 113, a controversial proposal to connect existing Highways 102 and 103 with a new 10-kilometre long, four-lane divided highway laid through a fragile wilderness area west of Halifax (see map above). Additionally, an environmental assessment for the project is scheduled to be completed in October, clearing the way for construction to begin.

Be a good guest on a tall ship

Nik Pilsworth is bosun on the S.V. Concordia. He shared his advice to landlubbers last week while the Concordia was in Boston, its last port before Halifax.
Don’t whistle when you visit a tall ship Nobody ever whistles on a ship. The reason is that if you whistle you could whistle up a storm.

Dartmouth students protest Metro Transit plans

Terminall upset: Dartmouth High students object to Metro Transit's plan to expand the Bridge Terminal.
Several dozen Dartmouth High School students braved a downpour last Thursday to hold a spirited protest against Metro Transit's plans for an expansion of the nearby Bridge Terminal. They carried signs calling for preservation of the Dartmouth Common, and chanted "Metro Transit, we need a better plan" and other slogans.

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