Halifax Citadel Hill National Historic Site history

Halifax Citadel Hill National Historic Site history

The Hill’s times: From its origins as a forest-covered Mi’kmaq meeting place to it’s national parks status today, the history of The Citadel is colourful and even a bit mysterious.
You thrill to the green grass springing to life on Halifax's iconic hill, basking in the sun as you lay on that slope.

Halifax Walking Tour: A peninsula of parks and trees

Travel from north to south through (mostly) green space: Fairview Cemetery to Point Pleasant Park.
To start way at the top of the peninsula, take the 18 or 82 bus up to Fairview Cemetery, at the north end of Windsor Street.

City spread

Halifax is an ideal place for the urban picnic. It just takes some imagination, ingenuity and an appetite.
NORTH END Fort Needham Memorial Park Every jerk likes a picnic. Steve Martin might suggest brownbagging some "tunafish on white bread with mayonnaise, a Tab and a couple of Twinkies," but if you're headed up to Fort Needham, you can stop by Caribbean Twist (3081 Gottingen, 404-3855) for some jerk of a different kind---jerk chicken and Jamaican patties will make for a spicy afternoon at one of the few off-leash dog parks in Halifax.

Halifax’s hidden history

There’s a lot more to know about this town’s backstory than the big-name features like Joe Howe and the Halifax Explosion. Take this tour of alternative history to help see the past a little differently.
Aileen Meagher Aileen Meagher (1910-1987), nicknamed "Canada's flying schoolmarm," was born in Edmonton, but lived and died in Halifax. She ran here, too---Meagher was an Olympic athlete and bronze medal winner.

Dartmouth daytripper

For some it’s just the city across the harbour. For others, it’s a haven of hidden delights.
As San Francisco has Oakland and New York has Jersey, Halifax has my dear Dartmouth. I opted to settle there when I moved back from Toronto a month ago.

Hidden Halifax

You may think you know this town, but it has more wonders than you can dream up in your philosophy class. Join us as we put together this collection of little-known spots in the HRM that lead you down the garden path and back out again, ice cream in hand.
Almon Billiards and Social Club 6050 Almon Street, 454-7665

How to explore McNabs Island

Ghosts, wildlife and buried treasure all await you at McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour.
The waves are smashing against our tiny boat, soaking us with water of questionable cleanliness. McNabs Island appears like a faint glimmer of hope in the distance.

A pedestrian primer

While Halifax may not be the biggest city in Canada, it certainly isn't the smallest. Here are perils and privileges to walking in this town.
As students, you represent the incoming population wave arriving in this Atlantic coastal city. The outgoing wave: Tourists.

Outdoor adventures in Nova Scotia

What's Geocaching? Horseback riding? Paragliding? Helicoptering? Cheese masterclasses? We advise.
Nova Scotia boasts 7,500 kilometres of coastline, and almost that number of sea-adventure packages for the unsuspecting traveller to choose from. "Canada's Ocean Playground," indeed.

Hiking the line

Finding a local hiking trail is as easy as following the dashed lines on your topographical map, but each route has its own challenges and charm.
BLT TRAILGetting there: Head out St. Margaret's Bay Road, turn into the Lakeside Industrial Park to the trail parking lot next to the Coca-Cola building. Alternatively, access the trail via Silver Birch Drive in Hubley, or any of the several cross streets along Highway 3.

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