With love (and beer), from Halifax

With love (and beer), from Halifax

After being featured at the Seaport Cider & BeerFest, the Maine Beer Box will head home packing Canadian brews.
Halifax Seaport Cider & BeerFest Friday, August 9, 7-9:30pm and Saturday, August 10, 2-4:30pm and 7-9:30pm Cunard Event Centre, 961 Marginal Road $45-70

Fall for the top 5 waterfalls in Nova Scotia

These must-see natural attractions come in many different shapes and sizes, with varying levels of difficulty to access.
W hat sights and attractions remind you most of Nova Scotia?

W.T.F, New Brunswick

A special escape for the wild and courageous
You’re probably thinking that we’ve shown it all: we’ve zipped downhill while skiing, stuffed our faces on a foodie adventure, and reconnected with our love on a romantic getaway.

W.T.F, New Brunswick

Love birds, it’s time to reconnect on a spring weekend away
We’re all for some winter snuggling with our honeys, but it’s time to reconnect on a spring weekend away. Love birds, this “Where’s the Fun” weekend is planned just for you.

W.T.F, New Brunswick

A weekend for the Indiana-Joneses of food
Already back for more adventure? We like explorer types, and we have the perfect weekend ready for you brave foodies.

W.T.F, New Brunswick

Peek out from under your winter blanket
The days are getting longer, the birds are deciding between flying north or south, and allergy season is just around the corner.

Autumn Adventures in Our Nation’s Capital

Fall for fall in Ottawa with amazing adventures, Gram-worthy excursions and must-see museums.
Everybody’s favourite season is here and while we have to put away our bathing suits and paddle boards, we can swap in all of our best autumn excursions.

W.T.F, New Brunswick?

“The Last…For Now” Edition.
It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn.

W.T.F, New Brunswick?

“Up, Up, and Away” Edition
You’ve probably been wondering W.T.F. or “Where’s The Fun” in New Brunswick between September 7 – 9?

W.T.F, New Brunswick?

“When Nature Calls” Edition
You’ve probably been wondering W.T.F. or “Where’s The Fun” in New Brunswick on Labour Day Weekend, from August 31 until September 3?

W.T.F, New Brunswick?

Back to Your Roots Edition.
You’ve probably been wondering W.T.F. or “Where’s The Fun” in New Brunswick? And we’re here to do the ground work for you.

W.T.F, New Brunswick?

Island Edition.
You’ve probably been wondering W.T.F. or “Where’s The Fun” in New Brunswick?

Where's the fun, New Brunswick?

Right next door, Halifax.
You’ve probably been wondering W.T.F. or “Where’s The Fun” in New Brunswick?

10 ways to Celebrate Canada Day long weekend in Halifax

Celebrate Canada Day in Halifax
Celebrate your nation and the diversity of her land and people. Through history, stillness, activity, and dance, we salute and celebrate those who have walked the land before us, to those who’ve recently joined us.

From Here to There: Road trips Made Easy

CarShare Atlantic wants you to get out of town!
Summers in Nova Scotia aren’t complete without three things: your friends, the ocean, and a road trip.

The Rural Urbanite’s Summer

How to find the perfect balance while visiting Ottawa this summer
The long Canadian winter is over, and the three-months-of-summer clock has started ticking.

10 Instagrammable places in Halifax

FOMO locations that show the city's fun side
With incredible Oceanside views and coastal hikes, you’ll probably end up taking photos mostly of food, yourself, and beer. And that’s okay.

Top 10 activities 2 hours from Halifax

Nova Scotia is known for its breathtaking coastal views, challenging rocky hikes, the thirst-quenching craft beer, and surfing.

Top 10 Things to do in Halifax this summer

Halifax is well-stocked with fun for the active tourist, the history buff, and for the foodie traveler. While visiting both the hot spots and the local spots, mixed in with a few summer events, your time in Halifax is sure to be a traveler’s dream.

No limits on having fun

Many programs are available for people with physical and mental disabilities to enjoy the sun and try something new, because summer means adventure for all.
Getting on the water

Lobster Tales: A guide to great lobster in Halifax

People come from far and wide to enjoy the tasty crustaceans so plentiful here in Halifax restaurants. Here are a few of the key lobster dishes in fine local eateries to impress any summer visitor.
Even if lobsters have 10 walking legs, they can never get too far in Halifax.

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